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Help for BLUC5L

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 69Rixter, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. 69Rixter

    69Rixter Member
    Thread Starter


    Hope this post thread is viewed(?) Have one of the cheapest BLU phones there is. Using as backup for I totaled my phone. Got a lot of glitches, strange occurrences and funny things happening w/ this phone. But, mainly to start with, I cannot get into recovery mode. I've tried; shut phone off; volume up/power--volume down/power; both volume up/down/power. Also, D/led drivers for it and comp says they were installed, yet phone's system not recognized.(?) I would do a ROM install, but cannot get into phones system to do anything. Someone tell me what I can do to get this phone working correctly...until I can get a better phone?
    THANX; [ BLUC5L (2017) And. 8.1 Go]

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  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    OK so a Blu C5L is a relatively recent model (2019) but with only 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage this is a phone that requires you to set your expectations down accordingly. Also, Android Go is a customized and optimized version of Android specifically for low resource, low end phones so that's a big plus but it's also, by design, limited in features and capabilities so that's the minus.
    The Android Go install on this phone is already stripped down to just essentials, so it's not a matter of just removing some cruft and bloatware that will magically make the phone more responsive, it's going to require some intensive coding and software tweaking. So you can put in a lot of time and effort to force this limited capacity phone to run more efficiently beyond its capabilities, or just live with it as is until you do upgrade to something more capable.
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  3. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Personally, I like the Go 8.1.0 OS.

    Of course, being me, I disabled as much Google junk as I could and also replaced ALL stock utility apps (calculator, calendar, gallery, file manager, etc.) with Simple Mobile Tools.

    This resulted in a decent device that was respectably useable, especially considering the small capacity of the unit.

    Another necessity was a firewall, to prevent system apps from constantly 'calling home' and making mischief.

    A good launcher to facilitate ease of use is also a great addition.

    All of this should fit on that device without any issue.



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  4. 69Rixter

    69Rixter Member
    Thread Starter

    RE: puppykickr

    Thank You for your response!
    I believe you and I are of the same train of thought. Yes, I just want to the phone to perform as it should. NO, I'm not looking for nor expecting some "miracle cure". As I stated, right now, I need it even though it's a backup until I get another, better phone. I realize it's an inexpensive phone and thus, has it's limitations...all of which I can live with for the time being. I just need it to perform it's basic operations and right now, it has some glitches in it. Was thinking (that ought to scare you), could a failing battery be the culprit of the phones problems? STAY SHARP

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  5. 69Rixter

    69Rixter Member
    Thread Starter

    RE: svim

    Thank You for replying. I believe you've misunderstood me. I'm not seeking a miracle cure nor expecting that I'll perform a task that'll make it the "latest, greatest phone". Just need to have it perform as it was originally. That said, I'm sure everything you stated it correct and my goal it to is 'restore" the phone. As mentioned, it has glitches and/or failures. One thing that comes to mind, could it be a dying or failed battery causing the problems? Enjoy your weekend.

  6. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Try rebooting your phone up into its Safe Mode:
    When running in Safe Mode, it's just the base Android operating system. Only Android gets loaded up into memory during the start up process so no third-party apps nor services. If your phone is noticeably faster and more responsive, it's likely some installed app or apps are the problem. If the phone is still laggy and sluggish than the phone and/or the Android Go install is what you need to look into -- the phone being a hardware issue that you don't have control over, the OS is a matter of reflashing the stock ROM.
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  7. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    As you mention, the battery could be on its last legs, as any device with 8.1.0 is quite dated by now- and batteries are designed to last 2-4 approximately.

    But no, I don't think this would cause any sluggishness or the like.

    Check your Accessibility settings.
    A device like that should only have one at most, maybe two apps that have access.
    Each one will slow down any device by an amount.

    And because you have limited RAM, things like multitasking will be difficult, and slower.

    You may even need to limit how many open tabs you are running in your browser.
  8. 69Rixter

    69Rixter Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks svim & puppykickr

    OK, got one issue solved and it was on me.(DOH!!) Had to go into Developer options and change from PTP to MTP. Now can access the phones system. SO.....next step....reflashing stock ROM or upgrading to And. 9(Pie). Now, gotta determine if this phone will operate properly on 9, or, I ask, is there a better stock ROM than 8.1 that will operate properly on this phone? I understand 8.1GO is pretty basic, but still would like to get rid of manufacture bloatware and Google intrusions. Thus, flashing a ROM that's basic and NOT manufacturer's ROM. Would like your opinions on that. Meanwhile, gotta lot a of reading/research to do.

    Stay Sharp
  9. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    With a device that came with Go, and is obviously designed for Go, I would stick with that.

    My personal experience with Go version 9 (Pie) was horrible- the worst device I have ever owned and the only one that I purposefully slammed into the driveway to watch it die.

    If that turd had 8.1.0, I would most likely still be using it.

    Go 8.1.0 was a wonderful OS for low end phones, and I dare say that it would be just fine on a high end phone as well.

    This is due to the fact that I abhor all things Google and do not use (and always disable) all stock utility apps.

    I still have a Go 8.1.0 device, a Poblano HotPepper- that many make fun of and ridicule- and would still be using it as my daily driver if I could.

    With the apps I eliminated and replaced with my prefered apps, that little thing (same specs as yours) was fairly impressive.

    What was missing?
    My two 'new' devices have 8 cores, instead of 4.
    This makes a big difference.
    Even between the two 'new' devices, one has 4 main and two slower cores.
    The other one has 8 cores all at the same speed, and the difference is obvious.
    (Remember that I am hard to impress and reticent of change.)

    Being that this device was made for 8.1.0 Go, and 9 Go is larger, I seriously doubt that the change will make you happy- if it is even possible.

    What is stopping you from getting a better device or just clearing out this one and enjoying it as is?

    Do you really think that there is anything to gain by spending massive effort on this device?
    If so, what exactly?

    It is very possible that what you need can be achieved with what you have already, and this would cost nothing and save time.

    Everyone here will tell you that this device is severely limited, but I am a minimalist- and so I try to make do with what I have.

    That does not mean that I will waste tons of time and effort trying to do the impossible.

    Also, do not forget that the device is becoming quite dated, and fast.
    Is the battery replaceable?
    When were the last batteries manufactured?

    Batteries age even while in a warehouse- so it is important to think about powering it in the future.
  10. 69Rixter

    69Rixter Member
    Thread Starter

    RE: puppykickr

    Just a little more info concerning the phone maladies. Internal storage showing "max" 5.28Gb. Max should be 8Gb. Also, "ghosting" supposedly deleted apps, and phone won't stay in MTP setting. Soon as I put into sleep or turn off, it reverts to PTP. This is just a few of many "problems" and why I think it needs a re-flashing of the O.S.
  11. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Ok, to be honest...
    I have no idea (didn't cheet and look it up) what MTP or PTP is.

    Perhaps Max refers to what is available to you.

    This makes sense, because you must split your apps with the system apps in that 8 GB, and that leaves about the right size for 8.1.0 GO OS.
  12. 69Rixter

    69Rixter Member
    Thread Starter

    RE; svim, puppykickr & max(?)

    You've all supplied good info, but I'm still not accomplishing what I feel I need to do with/for this phone. I know, puppykickr chided me for wanting to "fix", but with the current shipping situation being what it is, I'm still waiting to get a new phone. Please, let me "fix" this one. What I feel needs to be done to/with this phone. 1. root 2. unlock bootloader 3. re-flash original O.S.. That said, finding the "original" O.S. for this phone has been an "adventure". Finding the correct one has become a guessing game. Now, I've tried several programs and several times to "root"; no success. Either get "failed" or "permission not granted". Same w/ unlocking bootloader. OK, I'm gonna say 'cause I don't know what's up....what am I doing wrong(?) and/or what's up w/ this particular model that I'm not aware of? Hey, believe me, I'm just as frustrated with this phone as you all may be for me asking so much. YES, I get it, ditch the P.O.S.....well, in a little while, maybe, but right now, it's all I got.
    THANX to ALL
  13. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    What are yiu trying to accomplish with this device?

    What is it not doing?

    Forget about rooting it, or trying to put Android 9 on it.

    In all honesty, a phone with unlimited calls and texts can be had for $40, and the service is $35 a month without a contract.

    And this would be a device with twice the RAM and twice the ROM.

    That is why it is not going to be worth much effort to keep messing with the device you are playing with now.

    Describe in detail what it is doing wrong, and how much of the available memory is currently being used by apps that you have installed.
  14. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    As much as you want to customize and optimize this phone, there is a reality in that not all phones are going to allow any typical user from easy modifications. You're just going to frustrate and aggravate yourself more and more trying to tweak this phone in ways you simply cannot -- there are both hardware and software limitations involved in this particular model that no matter how much effort you put into it will just remain as is.
    A Blu C5L is bare bones, low-end phone that is by design not intended to be able to provide much more than basic functionality. You may view it as a 'P.O.S' but for your own peace of mind, instead of trying to force this phone to do what's beyond its capabilities, you might find it easier to just reset your own expectations accordingly.
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  15. 69Rixter

    69Rixter Member
    Thread Starter

    I believe you've all got it wrong! I'll start w/ puppykickr; I see no need to buy another P.O.S phone!! All I've wanted to do with this one is to get it operating as it originally did (or should have). No "enhancements", no upgrades, NO pie-in-the-sky dreams!!! Appreciate your responses, but if it's bothering you (my "expectations") then simply stop replying/ignore these postings. svim; You've misunderstood/misread my intentions. I've never stated I wanted to do anything extraordinary concerning this phone. Simply put, I want it back to it's "out-of-the-box" (new) operating status. And I've exerted much effort & time trying to do so. There's something about this phone none of us knows and it's baffling to me and everyone who've replied. One responder even told me this phone was manufactured by multiple companies and I'd have to contact that particular company. NOPE, Blu "support" did nothing for me. THANX to all
  16. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Yet again, you criticize our responses, yet refuse to tell us exactly what the device is doing 'wrong'.

    You state repeatedly that you want it to 'perform as it did originally', yet because none of us have or have ever had that device we cannot know what that even means, nor will you give us any info to compare that to.

    Now you seem to want to cop an attitude, when all we are trying to do is help.

    Obviously, it is not just us, because nobody else seems to be able to tell what is, if anything, is wrong with it.

    Like I was saying before, and as you just admitted- you have wasted a large amount of time and effort, and frayed your nerves with this device that was most likely discontinued long ago and probably wasn't worth the hassle then or now.

    A brand new device that runs circles around that one can be had for less than $50.

    Has all of this really been worth it, considering that nothing has been accomplished?
  17. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Do a factory reset.
    That will erase everything you did with the device, and bring it back to the way it was when you first got it.

    You will need to start all over afterwards.

    Back up anything you want to keep, because the phone will lose everything that you have on it now.
  18. 69Rixter

    69Rixter Member
    Thread Starter

    RE: puppykickr

    We really don't need to keep re-hashing or beating a dead horse. I NEVER criticized you or anyone and I resent the implication. LOL..Of course I've done a factory re-set....more than once. You really want to know all the abnormalities this phone has? And, YOU just don't seem to understand , even though I've repeatedly informed, I just want it to operate as it did/should have originally. If it's bothering you that I want that, again, I thank you for your efforts and your welcome to stop responding. Really....who's got the "tude"? Oh, yes...I like to "fix" things....don't need another P.O.S. even if it is only $50.
  19. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Yet again, you absolutely refuse to say what is wrong with the device.

    If you cannot tell what is wrong, then nobody can help you.

    It is just that simple.

    You would find the same deal at a doctor's office.

    A factory reset brings the device back to '0'.

    If that isn't enough for you,then I suggest that this device NEVER met your demands from day one.

    Trying to do anything more with such a device is total waste of time.

    It is possible that if SOMEONE could tell me what the device was or was not doing right that there could be a simple solution via some internal setting or app that could be added.

    But alas, unless the problem can be verbalized, then as far as anyone else can tell, there really is NO PROBLEM.

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