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HELP..Got my MOMENT today a few questions please..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dnj, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Dnj

    Dnj Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi Everyone,

    Just received my new Samsung Moment phone....I have a few question if you would be so kind to try to answer them for me to get started... I pretty much get around the phone with no problem.

    1- After opening things like FACEBOOK, or any other websites, how do I close them off when done so they are NOT running all the time in the back ground draining battery life..?

    2- I would like to buy some other Ringtones besides the default ones...how can I do this via the phone on the Sprint Store...there are ones there I like that I've had on other phones?
    Will they download to the phone also?

    3- How do you create a "FAVORITE LIST" for websites?

    Thats it for now All help Very appreciated

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  2. shrike126

    shrike126 Newbie

    1 - When exiting applications if you'd like, you can use an application from the Android Market that can auto end applications like I use "Automatic Task Killer" which when the phone goes to sleep will end any applications running that I don't add an exception to (i.e. leave these programs running but kill anything else).

    2 - You can use mp3 files from your desktop PC and move them over to your phone's SD card by mounting it through the USB cable. You cannot buy ringtones via the Sprint Digital Lounge, since the Moment uses the Android Market and not Sprint's premium services (i.e. ringtones) though Call Tones will work as it's a network feature.

    3 - Go to the website, tap MENU > Bookmarks > "Add bookmark..."
  3. Dnj

    Dnj Member
    Thread Starter

    shrike126.....Thank you so much for the reply....
    Please excuse my ignorance with this new phone.

    1- I assume these APPS can be bought directly from the phone via the icon "market" or?

    2- When the moment is connected to my desktop PC via USB cable will it show up as another drive and then I can just copy/paste MP3 songs and or use as ringtones also?
  4. shrike126

    shrike126 Newbie

    1 - Yeah you just go into the Android Market to buy and download apps directly to the phone. The large majority of the apps are free but any apps you do end up having to pay a fee for, those purchases go through the Google Checkout process, which is entirely separate from Sprint.

    2 - When you mount the phone you plug it in, tap on the Notifications bar on your Moment then choose "Mount" to get the phone to show up on the desktop PC as a removable hard disk. Then you can simply copy/paste any files you want to use as a ringtone. On mine I have a folder on the Moment called "music" with a few subfolders called "ringtones" "alarms" "notifications" and when putting mp3 files in these they're available as selections when I go to personalize my ringers assigned to contacts.

    Hope that helps! Don't worry about "ignorance" we all start somewhere...
  5. Dnj

    Dnj Member
    Thread Starter

    Thank you Shrike.....as we speak im trying to download the auto task killer app ...but it just shows downloading and wont finish...how long does it take?.....I tried 3 x already/
  6. shrike126

    shrike126 Newbie

    I've seen that a couple times. Sometimes I'll try to download a different app and it will suddenly work. Sometimes I'll power cycle the phone or put the phone into then out of Airplane mode. I think it's just a fun "undocumented feature" of the Android OS. Kinda like a fun download puzzle to figure out prior to getting your prize, the app itself.

    Doesn't happen often though and make sure you've got CL14 on your phone.
  7. Dnj

    Dnj Member
    Thread Starter

    OK thanx I rebooted and it works and downloded perfectly...

    NOW....CL14 ?.....its a new phone how do I check what ver I have? ....and If needed can I do it myself or ...go to the sprint store?
  8. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    Think I should mention that there's differing schools of thought on app killers... remember that this is Linux which does a much better job of managing its memory than windows does. I'd do some reading on these forums... most people have reported very little difference in performance and battery life with our without an app killer. You very likely don't need to worry about it at all.
  9. shrike126

    shrike126 Newbie

    CL14 is an update that currently is only available at the stores. On your phone if you go to Settings > About Phone and scroll down, where it says "Broadband version" look for S:M900.8.05.CL14 (the last part might have something else if your phone isn't updated yet.

    If it's not, I wouldn't worry too much the update did address some battery life issues but it's still pretty good without it. If it's not something that's just ruining your day you can always wait for the update to be available over-the-air and just update your phone then. Right now the update is only available over-the-wire at the store (or via enterprising self updating but I wouldn't recommend it for you).
  10. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    Day when OTA update to CL14 is supposed to happen across America, February 4th. Actual date in my opinion, any time that week. I'm gonna call our store again tomorrow (Tallahassee) and see if they've done anything to update 'em. If so, I'm back down there to check the floor model and see if it's CL14. If so, I'm demanding an update. If they say 'We don't have it yet, I'm sorry.' I'll say bull shit and point out the floor model and raise hell in the store. =D
  11. Dnj

    Dnj Member
    Thread Starter

    OK check my new phone and it has CL14 installed...thank you.
  12. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    Also check out Quark ringtones in the market for downloading music for ringtones. The couple I've downloaded sounded as good as if I ripped the music myself.
  13. adicken1

    adicken1 Newbie

    I would strongly suggest listening to Agent0014 about the task killers and killing apps in general. I started out using them until I read a thread in this forum that said it would probably do more harm than good. That was about 2 months ago and I haven't used one since. The phone works so much smoother. I do use task manager to monitor what's open sometimes, and if I ever need to kill an app I use that. Right now, my manager shows I'm running 18 programs. (Keep in mind that they're all not actually "running".)

    For ringtones, try IMusic and ringdroid. Killer combo.
  14. adicken1

    adicken1 Newbie

    Oh and my battery will easily last a day. (I am running Sprints CL14 however.)
  15. Dnj

    Dnj Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks......I've been really enjoying the RiNGDROID App.....it lets you create your own Ringtones from your own Mp3's ...Nice!
  16. Dnj

    Dnj Member
    Thread Starter

    Appreciate the advice!!

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