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Support Help! "headroom" RAM need? sms and mail problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NonProgrammerTechie, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. NonProgrammerTechie

    Thread Starter

    My HTC Desire has been complaining about little RAM memory left on phone, although there seems to be 12MB left empty. To be able to install some system upgrade, I had to clear a lot more than the free 25MB the system asked for. The phone is slightly sluggish at startup lately, and some desktop icons first show up as generic "android logo-men", and then later show up correctly. Annoying, but bearable things.

    The last couple of days however, the phone has quit synching gmail (in the original Google gmail Android application). It doesen't load new messages, unless the phone is shut off and rebooted... Today, the phone sayed a (important and expected) message was "beeing activated", and then subsequently dissapeared without trace! Worst thing is, it cannot even be retrieved on my desktop computer at home. It doesn't show in any trashbins or something. :-(

    Also, the phone does no longer receive or store SMS messages in the Handcent application. When rebooting, some messages (quite a few actually) in the middle of a conversation have vanished!?! So threads appear incomplete and in an almost unpredictable manner. (Well, at least the chronological order of remaining messages remains sequential... ;-D

    - Is there a need foor empty / free RAM memory "headroom", for Android system to work properly?
    - I'm not happy about discarding the apps from the phone (that I can't move to SD) - but do you think it will help? The phone is primarily a communications tool to me, and not having working SMS and mail is a no-no!
    - Will I need to "wipe the phone" to restore it?!? :-(


  2. SiHa

    SiHa Android Enthusiast

    I believe that if you have <15MB free RAM, mail etc will stop syncing. I've also found that it does get very sluggish around the same level. I try to keep >25MB free, and it seems OK.

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