Help Help! How can I remove scratches from my Desire HD?


Do you have any tip how to remove schratches without herting my phonescreen? I bought "Displex - display polish" but I just saw that I shouldn't use it on touchscreens... I really need some help. I have some big scratches... :(
Depends how bad the scratches are, but if they're considerably noticeable I'd either get a replacement (through insurance, if you have it) or buy a new screen and fit it yourself with a guide from Google.


have had my phone DHD, since just after xmas. went from the phone shop to a mobile accessories shop to get a screen protector. Its pretty scratch up even after this short time, but I'll gladly spend $10 on a new one every 6 months if I have to. I used one on my old i900 and even after 2 years the phone looks new with the cover removed. Prevention is always the best solution.