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Help how do i get into TWRP Revovery manually?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    Okay i was making a flashable zip to my GRU1 OS wen i tested i saw no Status bar and the LG setup wizard Fcs when i go to home, i was guna fix the bugs but i try to rwboot to recovery but idk how or qhat to press,

    I presse and Vol+ while pressing the power button then i keep holding the Vol+ button but i let go the power button but still boots the is and nit recovery, wen u do a hard reset it boits into TWRP Correctly but i want to boot in it completely any suggestions?

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  2. AquaVolt

    AquaVolt Android Enthusiast

    That's the problem with TWRP on this phone, it doesn't boot up properly. Currently there's no safe way to boot into it without doing the reset. I know that daemon32 said:
    which might work.
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  3. Robert Wisdom

    Robert Wisdom Newbie

    I can get into twrp and out of it without any problem. I hold vol+ and the home button, then I hold down the power button. Holding all 3 buttons down for a few seconds, even while its booting up. I get the lg splash screen and about 2 or 3 seconds later I get a message "release all keys to enter recovery". I do that and it goes into twrp without issue. You can't reboot out of twrp though, it will factory reset. You have to power off out of twrp. You can't reboot system/bootloader/recovery from twrp or it will factory reset. Also, you can't boot into recovery from within android, it will factory reset also. You have to be completely powered off, then you can get into twrp. I'm runnin It gives me the option to factory reset when I hold vol- and power down. Then its says to factory reset press the power button, any other key will reboot.

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