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[HELP] HTC Desire stuck in Recovery Error screen after RUU update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aissajez, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. aissajez

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    Hi guys,
    Well I've upgraded successfully my HTC desire A8181 with the RUU tool that I've downloaded from HTC dev website (version 2.3.3 Gingerbread) after a few days I left my phone on the desk when I come back It was turned off, tried to switch it off nothing happens. remove the battery out then put it back again still have nothing on the screen.
    After a lot of tries I found out that by covering the + connector on the battery and connecting the phone through USB to a pc I could see the HTC (green on white background) like if I was about to boot up but shows that for 1 sec than It turned off for 5 secs (black screen) and it does it again (LOOP).
    So I succeed to enter the HBOOT (version 1.02 - S-ON , NOT ROOTED DEVICE). by Holding (VOL -)+ PWR ON (one time) and keep on holding the VOL- Button till I saw the 3 androids screen (skating lol)
    Well I thought I was dealing with a software problem so I attempted to flash it up again with the same version 2.3.3 of HTC (Official) (with the RUU .exe file that can be launched in windows) well
    It couldn't detect it first so install some drivers (In order to make it visible in the Windows device manager as Android device)
    well than in the HBOOT I entered the Fastboot (first line on the menu)
    Than at this point I launched the RUU (Gingerbread 2.3.3 ROM - Official)
    It passes a few steps (thought It was OK , it was like the fist time I updated it) then stucks in Updating signature step. Battery problem !!!!
    The screen turned black with gray HTC logo with triangles and exclamation marks in the four corners of the screen.
    In the RUU wizard on the PC screen it says that I have entered an Recovery Error Mode and To exit that I should pull the battery out, than plug it up again, and switch up the phone and then it should be okay. but It's not the case.
    I guess HTC never tried to do that (easy to say than to do).
    Well the bottom line I guess It was a battery problem that makes the ROM update stucks in the middle. so Do I have a dead phone here? is there anyway to go back to HBOOT again. because the Only thing I can see on my HTC is that Error recovery screen. as in the Picture that I have uploaded. how can I install a ROM on the desire again?
    Any help would be appreciated I would like to go to the HBOOT screen again so I can try again with a ROM update after buying a new battery of course. thank you for any advice and sorry for the long explanations and for my bad english.

    Blames are welcomes too.

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