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HELP.... HTC Legend or Samsung i7500l

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jerwam, Oct 22, 2010.


HTC Legend or Samsung i7500l

  1. Legend

  2. Galaxy

  1. jerwam

    jerwam Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey there...

    I have one week before I am locked into this i7500l for 2 years... I picked this one up not knowing the 2.2 won't be released to it. I know we can now install a modded version of 2.2 on the i7500l; however I need to pay another $20 to get it unlocked.

    Spec wise, the legend seems to be the better phone... but it is going to be $90 compared to the $20 to get my i7500l running the same OS.

    Should I pay the $90 and change to the legend or will this phone be fine on GAOSP 2.2 after the unlock?

    Any views/thoughts????

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  2. obica

    obica Lurker

    money invested in hardware will (always) pay off.
    if i was in your place i wouldn't think for a minute.
  3. sgx100

    sgx100 Android Enthusiast

    Dude dont go with the carrier bull$hit.
    Invest in hardware as obica said.

    AFAIK Legend is way ahead in specs compared to Galaxy.
    So there goes my two cents.
  4. Lelouch

    Lelouch Android Enthusiast

    HTC all the way, now if you can get your hands on Desire. ;)
  5. Bomberman

    Bomberman Android Enthusiast

    Htc. lol, who on earth voted galaxy :D
  6. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me

    It's r3dpuma. :p

    The poll is public, you can click on the number of votes and you can see who voted for what.

    I hope that was not a rhetorical question. :rolleyes:
  7. Lelouch

    Lelouch Android Enthusiast

    :D lol all the way :D
  8. bearcave

    bearcave Newbie

    Absolutely no question at all. Change to the Legend.

    Yes, GAOSP is making good progress (I have the latest nightly on my i7500), and I'm deeply grateful to drakaz and co. They have achieved minor miracles. But there's still a few things lacking or buggy, and while this will (hopefully) change, fundamentally the i7500 is just a bit too short on RAM to run Froyo like it should run. It will never be a truly wonderful Eclair or Froyo platform.

    The Legend has 384Mb RAM, compared to the i7500's 128Mb. The Legend processor is faster at standard speed. Yes, you can overclock the i7500 to a little faster but for these devices having enough - or, better, more than enough - RAM is much more important for overall performance.

    Also, it's been my experience comparing the i7500 with a HTC G1 I have for development purposes that the HTC has superior firmware quality. The hardware is a little inferior, but the firmware quality makes the HTC a better phone overall. If you end up putting a custom ROM on the Legend, the customisers will have had an easier job.
  9. sado1

    sado1 Well-Known Member

    You don't need to unlock it, there's a new method to install GAOSP without unlocking. Check drakaz.com forums. Still, I'd buy HTC device, but maybe not necessarily Legend - while it's not a bad phone, HTC Desire is much better. Not sure about the price but I believe it wasn't much more expensive.
  10. yuchtman

    yuchtman Newbie

    don't know how the legend is.
    but stay away from the Galaxy

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