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Support Help!!! Htc Sync Installer not syncing playlists!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JulesNaija1971, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. JulesNaija1971

    Thread Starter
    Oct 4, 2010

    Oct 4, 2010
    Hello and good evening to u all, I'm really hoping that i can get a solution to my problem here, as its driving me crazy!!!! I've just upgraded my fone contract about a week ago, to the nice HTC wildfire, and yesterday i decided to install the HTC sync installer from here:
    click here

    Everything went according to plan, download, etc(even though it took a while)...the sync software recognized my fone, and under music it recognized my itunes playlists, then I just press sync....on my fone screen and on my desktop, and her the problem starts.....at the bottom of the sync installer screen, it says syncing playlists, ......and at the top there is a green bar from left to right. The green bar moves about 50% then it stops.....I tried about 10 times yesterday, I installed it completely, re-installed still no joy!!! I even switched off my kaspersky for it to at least install, then i tried again....what happens is still the same, but also the selected playlists from itunes are greyed out, so I can't even change them......again it says its syncing...the sync bar gets to about halfway and just stops....i've tried again this morning, left it for 2 hours...still not joy. The funny thing is that it recognizes my fone, itunes playlists,.....so WHAT is the problem, and WHY wont it sync 100% the playlists?????
    Anyway i'm hoping that someone can come up with a solution for me pls, in the meantime ive just dragged a few songs onto my 8gb sim card instead, but i'd like to use the sync way instead. I'm off to work now.
    Hoping a solution is around the corner, i'm keeping my fingers crossed, i'll check the forum to see so maybe a solution is near!!!!




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