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[Help] I got my G M 2 GT-S6500D not responding after boot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by reiarea, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. reiarea

    reiarea Lurker
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    I got my galaxy mini 2 GT-S6500D not responding after boot. I think it is because of the unmounted/unwiped internal SD Card. i got error when i try to wiped factory reset while in jena rom. so i try to install stock rom, after i install stock and wipe again, no error there. but after booting i got not responding. and i try the update .zip from sd card only for looking inside it. and i see the old folder and files still there. the wipe is fail but it is success. so i try to mount the sd card internal, but failled ! Please help me to bring my device normal again pls !

  2. rejectedstone

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    Just a quick note to anybody who has been seeing their Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 rebooting constantly after inserting a new T-Mobile SIM card:

    -This booting into the start screen only to shut off and re-boot every two minutes happened for 1-2 hours
    -T-Mobile instructed that this would happen and was expected

    Though it was hard to believe, the cycle eventually came to end and the phone started working (without any of the automatic 2 min reboots)! While this might not be true in any case, it's possible that this was the behavior that you were seeing - just a quick FYI for anyone else who might be seeing this behavior.

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