Help! I HATE THE UPDATE - How can i get rid of it!!!

I've tried resetting my phone to the factory settings, but it didn't kill the update! I hate everything about this - the graphics suck, nothing works the same way! If I wanted to learn to use a new phone, I'd have bought a new phone! How do I get this update OFF of here and go back to what I had before???????:mad:
russellvone over in the HTC One SV "All things Root" forum posted this handy guide along with links to what appear to be the stock images for your phone before the updates. You might want to ask him if the process described can bring you back to the pre-update space before you begin because the thread is really about receiving updates after you root. Looks like it should work though. I had to do something similar to one of my Samsung Galaxy S2s a few month back and followed a very similar guide to acheive it.
I know what you mean wpmogenstein. I don't root my devices either but I got stuck in a bootloop once and had to go back to the stock ROM to get it working right again. I think the process for doing it with Samsung phones is a little simpiler because of a software package for the PC called ODIN.