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Support {HELP} I thought it was a good Deal...really

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by str8line, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. str8line

    str8line New Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 12, 2012
    Technical Sales Account Manager
    London, ON
    A little background before I describe what brought me here to the forum for assistance. I had an SGS II (Telus - T959D) that I tried to upgrade...1st 3 Flashes went beautifully until I noticed that there was an ICS upgrade available...so I jumped on it...problem was the upgrade (while Odin said everything was right with the world) caused the phone to go into a permanent boot cycle (never going past the ICS flash screen). I took the phone into the local phone shop and they tried everything they could think of to reset or at least get it back into download mode...nada...zero zilch.

    I then had a $600 paper weight. Luckily I still had my Motorola Milestone but I longed for my SGS back.

    Yesterday I found an i9000 for sale. Already set up with ICS, running smooth and supposedly in mint condition...all this for $150. I got to the guys house who was just finishing wiping his personal data for me and reinstalling the Custom ROM ([ROM][MIUIv4][ICS][4.0.3][BETA8.1]drZMIUIv4- MULTI LANGUAGE[08/02/2012]).

    I look at the phone...great condition...phone is cycling through the install and shows all the right partitions on the screen so I pay my money and walk out.

    The phone never actually boots to an active screen and by the time I get the darn thing home it has gone completely dead.

    1. Power button - NOTHING
    2. 3 button Download - NOTHING
    3. 3 button Recovery - NOTHING
    4. battery pull 3 button Download - NOTHING
    5. left charging all night - NOTHING

    I tried to message the guy I bought if from and surprise, the 2 minutes it took him to respond to my offer to purchase has now gone 14 hours when the phone does not work.

    I saw a post about a Brick Recovery option that involves ripping open the phone and soldering some jumpers...which I am fine to do...if there is some assurances that that will get the darn thing to at least boot up again.

    Anyone who can help with this...my wife is none too happy right now...and in all honesty...neither am I. So I turn to the Android fellowship...HELP


  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2011
    Have you tried the USB jig first . You may get into factory download or Emergency download mode via it
    You can buy a jig from here or from a local vendor who deals in accessories
    Either way You can also make a jig using 300K resistors
    [FIX] Unbrick captivate w/o cutting up USB! - xda-developers

    If you know someone with J-TAG/RIFF box then you can "resurrect" the phone probably .

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