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Help! I was an iPhone addict and now I've become stupid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yongjang86, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. yongjang86

    yongjang86 Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 20, 2010
    First problem I encountered was the sync problem w/o iTunes.
    I am currently using Kies for syncing, but I want to know how to sync using other methods. I will organize newb questions here and hopefully some of you can help me and "future me's".

    1. When connected to the PC using Mass Storage Mode, I see two removable disk set up, but am unable to access either one. My guess is that, one of them is internal memory and the other one is internal SD card. How do you access either of them?

    2. How do you put music or video using Mass Storage Mode (I haven't been able to use it, so please specify folder, etc.)

    3. If you root this phone, are you going to be able to use all paid android market apps or just a portion of them that is available on websites such as 4shared.com etc.? (I'm asking this question because in 2009, it was possible to use all paid apps for free from what I have found on google, but I was never an android user, so please enlighten me if it is still possible / It was using command prompt to get .apk files from the market)

    4. Is buying an app and doing back up, and then processing refund still working? (if #3 is possible, this would be unuseful)

    5. If you root this phone, can I install third-party applications that are not from the android market? On youtube, I saw other android devices using paid apps for free directly downloading the apk files to the phone. I tried this on captivate but it wouldn't allow me to install these probably due to stupid AT&T regulation on not allowing third-party apps.

    6. Is there a way to change keyboard quickly between languages (not an android market keyboard that has language switch function)? Because I like using swype for English and another keyboard for Korean.

    7. If you use the Mass Storage Mode, Can you put JPG files, Doc, ppt, etc. for future access? If so, can you use the search function of the phone to access them without going into the folder where you put the files in?

    8. Lastly, I'm an Android Newb, but want to be familiarized with it just as I was with Jailbreaking and Unlocking for Apple devices. Any suggestion on websites I must know as an Android user? (ex. apullo.us for iphone apps, macrumors.com, etc, etc. but for Samsung Captivate =))

    That's a lot of questions. Thanks in advance!!


  2. sonicanatidae

    sonicanatidae Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2010
    Hi.. Android Noob here, but I've been doing some research myself, so
    I think I can answer some of your questions. To the vets, if I'm wrong,
    please post corrections.

  3. Residue26

    Residue26 Member

    Jul 12, 2010
    A program called doubleTwist is very similar to iTunes and even syncs with your iTunes library. I just downloaded it yesterday and it works great. There is a desktop version and a version in the android marketplace.

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