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HELP: iCraigslist & CompareEverywhere

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by supere36m3, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. supere36m3

    supere36m3 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I saw a few websites recommending these apps (iCraigslist & CompareEverywhere), but I don't know where or how to download it. I couldn't find them on Android Market. Does anyone know where to download these apps? Thank You

  2. Juneau

    Juneau Well-Known Member

    It is a website, not app.

    iCraigslist - Craigslist for iPhone Webapps
  3. dsuwirya

    dsuwirya Lurker

    Hi Fred,

    Thank you for your interest in using iCraigslist.

    iCraigslist is in fact a webapps and not a native apps, hence there's nothing to find, to install, to purchase in order to run this apps.

    Instead, you can use / access it by simply opening your internet browser and type the following address : iCraigslist - Craigslist for iPhone Webapps. You can add a bookmark if you like it, so it will be easier to access it the next time you want to use it.

    Besides working well in android and iPhone internet browsers, this has been tested to work well in modern PC internet browser as well, e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. My expectation will be also to work well in all other mobile internet browsers ( note. I have no mean to test it, looking forward for your feedback ).

    Youtube video for the demo on iPhone is available here : YouTube - iCraigslist on iPhone Demo

    FYI, a nice additional feature called 'Priority Ads' had just been added couple of months ago. Please check it out.

    Soon, I will be releasing another nice cool feature called 'Search Agent', where you can submit your search criteria to the server and server will send you a notification through email or instant messaging each time there're more search result found, based on the criteria that you submitted.

    Else, I'll be looking forward for your feedback, request, etc.

    Thank You.

    Best regards,
  4. zippy

    zippy Well-Known Member

    Maybe I missed something, on my phone I only see Africa, Egypt and Cairo? Using Moment from Samsung ...
  5. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Android Expert

    Watch the video. :)
  6. zippy

    zippy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I caught it just after I replied, knew I shoulda waited, thanks and very helpful ...
  7. mufumbo

    mufumbo Newbie

    you can try to use "craigsnotifica". search for it in the google market app.
  8. dsuwirya

    dsuwirya Lurker

    Hi all,

    iCraigslist Search Agent feature is already available !

    Check it out here :
    iCraigslist - Craigslist for iPhone Webapps

    Detailed description here :
    iCraigslist - Craigslist for iPhone Webapps

    This is way better to get notified for new related ads that
    you're searching for, for the following reason :

    - Nothing to install, it's a web apps !
    - Let the server does the 'pooling' job, not your phone,
    hence no bandwidth spent & not draining your battery.
    - Get notified hourly, through email or XMPP instant
    messaging (gTalk).

    Please give it a try. Looking forward to hear your feedback.

    Thank You,
    iCraigslist Team.
  9. dsuwirya

    dsuwirya Lurker

    Hi all,

    For an even easier reach, it now can be reached at : http://icraigslist.us

    Thank You.

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