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Help identifying an app Icon

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Sambd92, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Sambd92

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    My girlfriend's mother is convinced that her boyfriend has put a "Spy app" on her phone. I explained to her several times that he couldn't have. He is not smartphone savvy enough, for one. I told her that it is more than likely antivirus software, or anti-theft software. She won't hear it.

    What happened was that she called him, and while they were talking the call dropped out. She called him back immediately, and her voicemail was somehow on a conference call. He sent her a screenshot of his phone to show her, and in the top bar section of his screen, she noticed two icons. One is the "S" from 360 total security. My girlfriend showed her that and she calmed down, if momentarily, before saying "But what about this shield with a spy mask on it!". She believes he is able to access her camera, her microphone and all of her text messages. It is ridiculous, and I'm really tired of hearing about it. If anyone can identify the icon, I will be eternally grateful to you. 1624619_10204295222339314_181975536_n.jpg <- This is the icon.

  2. I'm not familiar with that Icon.

    If Cerberus was installed on her phone he could do those things from a desktop computer without her knowing it.

    Cerberus – paid – remotely track your phone if lost or stolen – remote Factory Data Reset – remote take picture
    Cerberus (Android) – enable capability on device
    Cerberus (Website) – control device from website

    I use Cerberus on all my Android devices.

    ... Thom
  3. svim

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    I don't recognize that icon either but if you take a look at the 'Apps' listing on her phone the odds are that icon will be there. It should also be somewhere in Settings >> Application manager.
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  4. electricpete

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    The icon showed up on op's girlfriend's mother's boyfriend's phone, not on op's girlfriend's mother's phone. But I agree it doesn't hurt to look through her phone (op's girlfriend's mother's phone) for anything suspicious.

    If you find something, that's progress.
    If you find nothing, it doesn't prove much, the spy app may be stealthy. It's tough to prove nonexistence of an unknown threat, especially to a paranoid person.
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  5. svim

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    The odds are it's just some random app popping up a notification and will be easily identified by looking in the Apps menu. If it was to be some kind of 'spy' app it's not going to make itself so evident to the user like that.

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