help! im being hacked.

Last year, I suspected an Ex was getting my text. I called verizon and at 1st they thought I was crazy. I supplied them with the number I thought was getting my text. To verizons surprise, my messages were going to that number. They verified it and flagged it on my account. I let my Ex know that I knew, and it stopped. I was recently informed that her boyfriend was now getting my text. This person gave me some facts that were only in my text. Neither person has had access to my phone. Verizon cannot verify the boyfriend getting my text because I can't supply his number to them. My question is, how can I stop this?


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Change your number.
And factory reset your phone. I'm assuming your ex had your password to your Google account and remotely installed something hidden that could do this from the Web Site.


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close the account.. open a new account.. with new numbers and new ID and passwords.

kill all accounts associated to your phone... start new ones.

wipe your computers... there maybe a sniffer there.. watching for your keystrokes and info.

wipe your phone completely.

in short.. start over!!!


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I got a new number and phone. She never had any passwords or access to computer. We only dated for a month. All verisimilitude could tell me is that it was a 3rd party ghost app.


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I would create a new Google account. Even if you got a new phone if your phone is linked to your account then it automatically install all apps that were previously installed. So your best bet it to just created a whole new account to link your phone to


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Oh, and if you have actual proof that she is somehow receiving texts you send to other numbers then I would contact your local police and file a report. This is invasion of privacy.


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Change your phone number, change your passwords for your verizon account

Change your passwords for all email accounts

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I would also reformat/re-install windows on ALL my PCs/Laptops to remove the possibility of keyloggers/rootkits etc. Make sure ALL data is backed up first, and that you have all license keys and install files/media for all your apps.
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