May 22, 2011
Hi all,

I am new to the androidforums. I have been using a nokia e71 for a while now (i live in india). I want to get into android development. Which phone would you suggest I should get as a general android device as well as a development device. Price is not an issue.

Right now i am thinking of the htc desire s (because of the battery life and build quality) and the samsung galaxy s (future proof). There is not much on the net about the battery life of the galaxy s 2, which is the only thing holding me back from getting it as i spend quite some time in voice calls (over 2g). Also will the desire s be upgradeable to future versions of android ?(ice cream sandwich and whatever is after it)

Please advise,

Thanks in Advance,

You have to analyze your usage no matter which device you choose as far as battery life is concerned so that's not really useful criteria IMO. "Build quality" is something that's also highly subjective and something that you'll need to assess for yourself. People don't always agree on build quality even though they act as if it's something completely objective.

Any other criteria to help narrow down the options? If nothing else, which carrier? Which bands?
Thank you very much for your replies.

@ usta :will the nexus s get the icecream sandwich update and wont the single corre processor be outdated soon ? ( i do not know much and hence i am asking)

@ takeshi : I guess another criterion would be fast updates. I do not mind custom rom's so whichever device it is easier to install such updates would be better for me.

The concept of carrier provided devices is almost non existant in india. all phones are bought sim free and then a carrier is chosen.
There is not much information yet available about ICS. We know that it is coming end of the year. We also know that Nexus phones traditionally get the updates first.
My guess is that the single core is not a bottleneck for Nexus S to get the next Android update fist.
The nexus is is only available here with an slcd screen. there is no super amoled variant. How do the versions compare ?

I would recommend you take a look at the Incredible s as well. I think it's the bigger and better specs to the Desire s.
@bnice : i have tied out the incredible s , i really did not dig the backplate. Though i have to admit that i have spent very little time with it. My friend has one and it has an iffy battery life. I would like to know whether your experience with the device was better
The X is a abundant device, lots to do with it. the X2 maybe bigger because of the advancement they fabricated to it. IMO it absolutely depends how your gonna use your device. what customization you intend to do whether your into acclaim and alteration ROMs. delay for the X2 and see how you like it.

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