Dec 6, 2009
ok i was searching the site some and couldnt really find my answer. Ok I got the ringtone i want on my memory card. I sent it from computer to my phone as a text message. so the tone is on m y card now how do i Get it from there to the sounds now????? i have tried even zedge cant still figure it out
Find the contact or the app that you wanna use it with, then from within the contact or messaging app or whatever go into its settings and select the ringtone you want.

Each program has its own settings so to speak. so for messages or ringers go in through the app.
figured the ringtone thingy out next how do i get music to the phone?

Attach the phone to usb on your computer. Go to notifications, mount sd card. I don't have my phone in front of me, so if i missed somewhere to click you will find it in this forum (in order to mount the sd card.) Then create a folder titled music and transfer your songs in there. Then try some cool app like instant lyrics.