Help HELP! LG Optimus M wont turn on!


This morning my phone was working fine and everything, till this afternoon when i wanted to use it to make a call, it started saying No signal so i turned it off and once i tried turning it back on the LG logo would just flash, so i took off the battery and it did the same but after a few seconds a white screen popped up saying S/W UPGRADE DO NOT UNPLUG.. (it wasn't plugged into nothing) So i left it like that for like an hour+ but nothing happened. I need help please, has any one had this same problem?


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That's strange and new to me, what 2.2 version is it? If it still won't turn on then you can't do anymore damage so maybe download lgs updater and connect it to your pc see if it can update it and if so maybe whatever software glitch/bug you have encountered will be repaired. As I said this is new to me so I don't guarantee that will fix your problem however I think it's worth a shot. All this assuming you are not rooted of course.


if ur phone just load untill the Lg screen try to do a hard reset press and hold home+volDown+power after LG screen logo let go the 3 buttons and it will recovery u phone to stock otherwise u can try on lg update tool there is an option from there ,for recovery too or just try to update ur phone trought lg upgrade tool but u will go to 2.2.2 there is no exploit to root this version yet