Help! Living in Korea with no games!


I just bought a new HTC Desire here in Korea. Thanks to Korea's wonderful game rating system, Google decided to eliminate all of their games in Korea. I haven't even had the chance to play a single one. Since Market is tied with phone provider (or current location?), has anyone heard of a way around this? Is there a way to download games directly to a PC? Thanks!


Yes, just contact the developer of the game in question directly. If you find the game on this site AndroLib it will give contact details of the developer. You should be able to buy it direct from them.


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Installed HTC Sync on my PC and, duh, there is an application installer that allows me to install apps/games from my PC. I was able to download games from torrents. Anyone know of a site that let's you download apps to PC?


Try this:
Some programs are available for multi platform, just look fo the download link at Android one.
@Kheldar: May I ask how you get one in Korea? I'm residence but I couldn't speak Korean. I haven't find any english speaking shop around my area. Is the phone locked to Korea sim card? Can you upgrade it in English? Thanks in advance.


Have you had any trouble calibrating your keyboard on your Desire in Korea. When I go to Settings<language and keyboard I don't get the text input option, only Select Local and DioPen IME and neither offers a calibration option.


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I'm not sure on the Korean-only sim card. I read somewhere that phones in Korea are locked in with the provider which makes it difficult bringing outside phones to Korea. I don't speak Korean either but I had a friend help translate. If you have an F series visa, you should have no problems.

I haven't tried to calibrate my keyboard. My keyboard works fine, what are the benefits to calibrating?
Thank you for this post, It was a great read which was extremely helpful.
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If you ever decide to root your phone, you can use Market enabler and spoof your location. Then, you can download directly from the Android market.

Personally, I'm a bit paranoid about downloading APKs from other sites. Check the permissions carefully!

Me, I install from the regular Market only. I know it's still not 100% guaranteed to be safe, but it keeps me at ease.
Hey I'm new to smartphones and android. Just got mine last Friday. I also live in Korea and was a little bummed about the game block and google searching brought me here. I followed Yenzehn's advice and downloaded the SlideME app manager and so far have successfully downloaded 1 game with 2 pending. It did flip me some b.s. about cancelling the download and not being charged (though it was free) and I just clicked download again and it went through. Not sure if it's fail proof, but worth tinkering with.


i've had Galaxy S 1 for about a year now and this is how I get my game fix:

1 - T store has a good selection of free games, a lot of them are Korean though, but some are in English

2 - there's an app called My Market which gives you unrestricted access to apps in other countries and also lets you download games for free sometimes...not always though

3 - if you are able to get apk file from elsewhere, you can usually install it manually using the Android installed app and KIES software or I guess you could just use ASTRO and do it directly from your phone. i don't do this anymore tohugh because torrents never have any good new games and it's very time consuming to install them

4 - if your phone is rooter, use the market unlocker, like someone suggested and you can then install directly from the market or, better even, AppBrain, which has games that were removed/not available on Market. with appbrain, you can get some really awesome games for free and sync them all at once in a second.