HELP! Looking for battery cover for HTC Aria!

Argh! I lost my battery cover (or someone stole it) from my birthday party. I cannot seem to find one online. I called HTC and they dont have one available, but maybe I got the wrong rep? I called ATT and they were no help. There is an HD Mini (somewhat of the same phone) battery cover on eBay but it doesnt have the metal connections since the battery cover of an Aria is part of the antenna.

Please help me find one! Even if I have to buy an extended battery (with battery cover) so be it. I just need my phone back.
i just looked up Htc hd mini's battery cover and in all of the pictures i saw the metal antenna thing.. maybe you should look up more on that?
also i think u can call htc customer services and ask of OEM parts, battery covers


I had the same problem, and got the cover on ebay but they are gone, may ask the seller if you are more available. It is also the same top of htc mini ... but only sell on ebay the plastic. In htcdirect will sell the original cover htc mini satellite but comes at August 1931.

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I emailed a few of the sellers on eBay that have the battery cover for the HD Mini and none of the covers have the metal contacts.