Help HELP! McAfee thinks my phone is rooted? Am I Bricked?


Android Enthusiast
So I've been having a problem over the last couple of weeks where my phone (with AT&T) tells me my sim card is in valid. Usually a restart fixes is but it's been getting worse and worse. I tried getting a new sim but that didn't help.

So when it happens today and I restart, it comes up to a McAffee message that says my device is locked because it has ben rooted (it has not). I've restarted it several times and it keeps coming up. Is there anything I can do or am I screwed?


Android Expert
Wow. This is exactly why I disabled McAfee immediately upon turning the phone on.

I don't think safe mode will help since McAfee is a system app and won't be disabled by it. It might disable what ever is causing the problem, allowing you to disable McAfee. With your other SIM card issues though, a factory reset might be called for.