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Help me find a lockscreen please

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mscheaf, Aug 4, 2017.

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    I have a Moto G4 play. It has stock Marshmallow with Nova Launcher on it. I really don't like the stock lock screen. I don't like how the notifications are giant and in the middle of the screen. I like the current temp (from Weather Underground) up in the notification bar like it was in Kit Kat lock screen, not in the middle. I don't like how the texts and stuff can be read. I don't like the carrier name up at the top left. I don't like how apps can be opened by clicking on lock screen notification (this keeps happening in my pocket [it's amazing how my finger has to be exactly the right temp and dryness to make the screen work but my butt can apparently download stuff from the play store through 3 layers of fabric, weird]).

    What would be a good lock screen replacement. I would prefer something free without ads, but am willing to pay for the right app, as long as there are absolutely no ads or in app purchases once I have paid for it. Really I just want something that keeps things from happening in my pocket. I would like to get notifications, but if possible disable any app launching from the lock screen. Would be nice to customize. I do not want any camera shortcuts. Don't need them and I am tired of having sd cards full of pictures of the inside of my pocket. I would like to disable the carrier logo up in the notification area if that is possible and move the weather underground notification back up there like it is on my home screen and like it was in KIt Kat lock screen.

    I don't really care about fingerprints or crazy lock patterns, but maybe a certain swipe to unlock like the old style instead of just swiping anywhere. Not trying to keep others out so much as keep my butt out. I also want something that works. I always see in reviews weird bugs where the home button unlocks or your desktop is flashed on the screen for a second when turning on screen or double notifications or other weird stuff. Really want to avoid that kind of stuff. Also, the more lightweight the better.

    Recommend me some lock screens I can try out, please. I had been waiting for the Nougat update to come (which was promised in June [And people said Lenovo wouldn't ruin Moto, HA]), before I bothered with something I might have to undo, but I am not holding my breath for that anymore. Oreo will be out before I get that update.

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