Help Help Me Get My Music Volume Up Please


I have a Galaxy Note 5, but I've had the same problem with every Android device that I have ever owned.

The sound volume when playing music on my device via Bluetooth in my car, is very low despite turning the volume all the way up on my device and all the way up on my stereo. This was the case with Microsft Sync in my Ford Focus and it is the case in my Mazda 3. This applies to Pandora, Spotify, MP3's directly on my device, etc.

I just had my hearing tested. I am in excellent shape. But if I want to listen to my music on my car stereo via my Android device with the window rolled down at a reasonable volume, I have to crank it up all the way and it's still pretty unsatisfying.

To top it off, my notification volume isn't affected by this, so when I get a text, email or phone call, it comes over blaringly loud. I could turn those volumes down when I get in the car and back up when I get out of the car, but who wants to do that?

I agree that we should all be careful not to damage our ears some people get tennitus by turning the volume above a could of decibels. But I'm not one of them. I survived an AC/DC concert in the 80's which let me tell you was the loudest concert known to man.

It's my understanding that there is a hack that turns media volume up but at one time it only worked on rooted devices which wasn't available on my last device and isn't available on my Note 5 on AT&T. Is there a non-root fix/hack for this?