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Support Help me get out of roaming...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hillsmi, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Apr 23, 2011

    Apr 23, 2011
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    Rec'd my second-hand CDMA Desire yesterday and activated with Alltel.

    However, it has not gone out of roaming mode since activation.

    I previously used a CDMA TP WinMo phone on Alltel, and where I live, I don't usually roam.

    I tried to update the PRL through the phone, but the recording stated that it could not complete that task. I called Alltel, and they stated that to be able to update the PRL, the phone had to be receiving from an Alltel tower.

    I don't understand why this 'new-to-me' phone is basically stuck in roam mode.

    And as for the "you have to be seeing an Alltel tower to update PRL", I'm not sure if that is exactly true. I've driven around the entire state of MI, and occasionally updated my PRL on the fly while driving without any issues; I'm sure that not all towers I hit at those times were Alltel.

    Can anyone help on this? Thanks

    EDIT: Well, on another suggestion, I took it to the Alltel retail store and asked if they could update the phone to 2.2, and help me with the permanent roaming mode.

    They gladly updated it to 2.2 for me, and didn't say anything regarding the phone being rooted, or anything like that (it seems though I lost my root...does that happen when a new ROM is put in place?) easy to put back? I got it rooted, I didn't do it).

    As for the roaming, they stated it is because I do not have a data plan in place. What?

    I just came from a TP on the same network, still didn't have a data plan active with that phone, and I wasn't always in roaming mode.

    So, they say that unless I upgrade my plan to include data for unlimited web access, etc, that my phone will always roam. The reason I avoided a data plan since getting my first smart phone, is that each additional phone with Alltel is $20/mo, even if they don't use data / web, but, I was told that they will each get unlimited texting.

    Other companies don't charge so much for each extra line. I love Alltel, and have since 2000, but a few of their extras aren't worth the $.



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