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Help me make the move from a Jailbroken iPhone to Android.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by speedkills, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. speedkills

    speedkills Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am about to make the switch from my current Jailbroken iPhone 3GS to either an Evo or an Epic mainly because I don't like Apple's philosophy and their restrictive nature even if I have found a way around it by Jailbreaking my iPhone.

    That said, when I have made moves like this before it was made easier by web sites like osalt that show you alternatives to software you normally use, say you are making the jump from Windows to Linux, it would say instead of PhotoShop, try Gimp, or instead of Word, try OpenOffice.

    So here are my top used iPhone apps, please steer me in the right direction for Android apps. I have done a bit of looking around after reading for the past year how extensible and open Android is but now that I'm ready to move I am having little luck finding replacements for the functionality I love.

    SBSettings. Is Quick Settings the Android alternative to this?

    LockScreen Widgets or Intelliscreen. When I pick my phone up and press the power button briefly I want to see my notifications, email, calendar, weather, etc without opening my phone. Just a quick reminder of where I am at in my day.

    Poof. Hides apps from people who may use my phone.

    iProtect. Password protects apps on the off chance someone finds my hidden app.

    SwapCameraRoll. Swaps between my default and a hidden camera roll quickly. Great for the pron. All I have found in Android is a way to use filemanager to rename folders. That sure isn't convenient for a switch I may make a couple of times in a day.

    Poof and SwapCameraRoll worked great together, say I was using Anonyma to browse the interwebs and download some pics I wouldn't want to share, I just click save and it goes to my camera roll, no navigation required, then if someone walks into the room I can press home, then home again and type swa (for swap camera roll) and click it. That quickly all trace of private data is out of site. If someone picked up my phone and looked at recently used apps they wouldn't see SwapCameraRoll or Anonyma because they are hidden in poof and can only be accessed if you know their name, and if they looked at my photos they would only see public photos as my camera rolls were switched back to public mode.

    It really is a nice workflow and one I haven't seen duplicated in Android yet but I'm hoping someone here can help me out.

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  2. gruss

    gruss Android Expert

    I can't help but I have to say, you really took great strides in hiding porn on your phone. Bravo! Some of that sounds pretty cool though ill have to keep an eye on this thread.
  3. speedkills

    speedkills Lurker
    Thread Starter

    iPhone really does make things easy, I'm just tired of Steve telling me what I should do with my phone. My girlfriend and I have an agreement, we each know the other looks at porn but don't really want to know about it so we make sure to keep it out of the way so we don't accidentally stumble onto it. I have no idea what type of porn she looks at and as long as I don't know I'm happy, same goes for her :D
  4. tomthetank

    tomthetank Member

  5. speedkills

    speedkills Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hmm...now that I'm still searching for apps I don't see any good imageboard browsers either. Anonyma is great on the iPhone, I figured as geeky as 4chan is Android would have something for it and other Imageboards but all I am seeing is ChanDroid which looks like a poor man's version of Anonyma.

    Giving up decent apps to know I am "doing the right thing" with Android is going to be tough. Oh well, at least I'll have decent free navigation finally, although it's not like I was paying for it with jailbreak anyway.
  6. speedkills

    speedkills Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Still looking, it appears Protector may work in place of iProtect.

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