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Help me migrate to Android from iOS

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by philstone, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. philstone

    philstone Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've been an iOS user since the beginning, on Wednesday my service provider gave me a free upgrade for renewing my contract so ended up with the xperia S, been trying to get on with it but already I'm reaching for my iPhone again..

    But before I give in completely I'm asking the experts out there for some advice in finding apps to make the switch...

    I'm a Mac user so everything needs to be Mac compatible if it needs computer connectivity..

    So I need an email app that has notifications widget built-in - I do not want to have to have an email client and a completely separate app for notifications, also if I click on an email in the notification I want it to open the email client.. It needs to be able to handle IMAP (for my iCloud account)

    Notifications generally - I want to be able to see who has SMS'd/emailed/rang me from the lock screen.

    Alternative to Find My Friends - I do a lot of mountain biking on cliff paths etc - my fiance likes that she can see where I am for peace of mind - i.e. I haven't ridden of the edge into the Sea! She uses an iPhone so this needs to be cross platform..

    Not being able to call a number from within an email - I do a lot of on-call work whereby I'll have to call someone from an email I receive - having to copy and paste the phone number each time will rapidly become annoying.

    Those are the main bugbears at the moment..

    Any advice would be great!


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  2. huy_lonewolf

    huy_lonewolf Well-Known Member

    I am using an HTC phone so it may not be directly applicable, but I will tell you what I know:
    1. Email client: Have you tried the stock email client (the one built in the phone)? It supports IMAP and push notification.
    2. Notification: You can try Go SMS Pro, it will allow you to reply or delete sms even from the lock screen.
    3. Find my friends: Google actually has a similar app called Google Latitude, which does almost everything Find my friends does and it is cross-platform, so you and your fiance can use it even on iOS.
    4. Calling people from email: This is a bit weird to me. I have always been able to call people by touching their phone numbers (in browsers or email). This may sound weird, but all I need to do is to touch the phone numbers. Are you sure that you are unable to call people from your emails?
  3. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    For lockscreen notifications, you can use a 3rd party lockscreen called WidgetLocker, where you can put your SMS, Email, and Missed Call widgets right there, as you see fit.


    Calling from Email would depend on the client used (I think). For example, I use the stock gmail app, and just emailed myself my own phone number to see what would happen, and it did show up as a hyperlink that carried it over into the dialer, but there might be some 3rd party ones that don't, so if you're not using the stock gmail app, try out the app before committing to it.

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