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Help me Please Bros and sists

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by elyamdroid, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. elyamdroid

    elyamdroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i wanna know if there is any different between samsung galaxy nexus 16g and 8g , if the different is just in the memory is good but if there is any features in galaxy nexus 16g and it doesn't exist in 8g telllll me plssssssss

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  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Just memory size.
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  3. mogelijk

    mogelijk Android Expert

    Personally, I haven't heard of an 8GB Galaxy Nexus, unless you are talking of a Nexus S? The unlocked, international Galaxy Nexus has 16GB, the Verizon version has 32GB.

    If you are trying to compare two Galaxy Nexus S, the 8GB phone has an SD card slot and the 16GB doesn't, as well as some radio differences. If you are comparing a 16GB Galaxy Nexus with a Galaxy Nexus S there are a lot of differences as they are completely different phones.
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  4. LoBatt

    LoBatt Android Enthusiast

    OP, are you referring to the Nexus 7 tablet? If so, the answer is there is no difference other than the memory. Check out the Nexus 7 forum: Nexus 7 - Android Forums
  5. elyamdroid

    elyamdroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So you telling me that my friend in belgium will buy to me nexus S ??? i told him i want galaxy nexus and he said there is 3 -8g-16g-32- ,16g = 400euro , 8g=300euro so i told him buy 8g becuz he is cheap
    my Question is , is there any GALAXY NEXUS 8GB ????? Pls help me , i am from morocco and here they dont even know what is android or nexus , they know just samsung nokia iPhone , they have nothing to say about " O S " Heeeeeeeeeeelp
  6. sik00

    sik00 Android Enthusiast

    No, there is no 8GB version of the Galaxy Nexus. The two sizes available are 16 GB (HSPA+ version) and 32 GB (LTE version). Not sure where he's getting the 8 from, I believe even the Nexus S had 16GB minimum, 1 partitioned for internal storage and the rest to USB storage.
  7. mogelijk

    mogelijk Android Expert

    Looks like you are right. From what I can see, I accidentally was looking at a Galaxy S, which did have an 8GB option. In either case, neither of us is aware of a Galaxy Nexus with 8GB. As you stated, the GSM versions should all have 16GB, the CDMA version 32GB.

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