Jun 27, 2013
Hey, I would GREATLY appreciate any help, big time. There is someone downloading programs on my wife and my LG Optimus Elite. All Google crap. Anyway to remove all Google files, the file he somehow gets on these phone will not allow deletion due to "hidden file"

again, any help would be greatly appreciated. We've been dealing with this for 3 weeks. Turns wifi on or off, turns on NFC, writes vulgar things in our seach engine, etc.... I'm have no knowledge of this at all, but was shown this site by a programmer at work.

Thanks in advance if help is out there!!
I will check it out now, thank you very much for taking the time to lend me a hand, I REALLY appreciate it!! Thank you again my friend!
Thanks for the welcome too, it is very nice of you to take the time to help. There are cool people out there! Alot of times a "newbe" would be ignored. Not hear, my buddy was correct about the posters here! Because I'm such a novice at this, and I do know what folder contains this garbage. Is there a way for me to Root my wife's and my phone so I can not only get rid of this stuff, but the partner set up, etc... as well?
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Hey all,

Could some one please let me know the "best" phone to get for rooting purposes? I hear that Motorola locks thiers down pretty well and is a bit## to get into. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. I wish I could help some of you for helping me.... If you live in S.E. Michigan and have a need for protection training your dog, I could certainly help you out there. I have a Dobe, Flew him in from Cal at a year old, green dog (no training). He is by far, out of all the dogs Ive worked or trained the hardest biting and most fight driven dog I've ever known. He's 6 now and has saved my behind on multiple occations. Strange how some people will star down the barrel of a .45, but bring a good dog into the picture and all bets are off. I'm the dude that wears the sleeve, suite, etc, depending on what your needs are. BTW, I am VERY particluar as to who I'll help with this as a good protection dog can break bones in one bite, so I hope you'll understand my caution in helping out. Need to know some extra things, but we can get into that.

First, thank you to those who have helped me out.
Second, enough of the hate mail or comments from those who seem to be fixated of my training of biting dogs, as in the second or third portion of a dual purpose Police K9. I never have charged a penny to do this as it is my way of saying thank you to those that have chosen to put thier life on the line to save yours and mine. I also train the biting end of the sport Schutzhund, check out Schutzhund USA for further information regarding that. So, please, save your computer time to help some one out or whatever.

Thank you.
Moved your post here as it will get more responses here in reference to your question, cheers

I also merged your 2 threads together to make it easier for others to guide you.

Welcome to AF :wavey:
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sorry about your troubles.. welcome to AF...

1. have you tried to .. fully reset of your phones? get rid of any and all unwanted things.

2. change your password on your accounts. maybe someone figured out your password.. and loading things from their PC.

about finding good rootable .. and dev supported.
just find the top 3 most sold phones. they tend to be the best dev supported devices.
Currently my bets are on: S3, S4, One, Note 2
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And (imo) training a dog to be a good biter is not cool.
Imo it should either be in their instinct to protect or not. Messing around with that can get people (and the dog) hurt.
Dogs may seem clever but theyre nowhere even near human intelligence so we cant expect them to use the same judgement as we would. Im an animal lover btw.
Sorry for goin off topic :beer:
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With all due respect, you dont' train a dog to be a "good biter". Frist you teach the dog control, then you expand on the dogs inate prey drive. They have a blast, and very few dogs fit this catagory. If a dog doesn't have it in him or her, you find one that does. If you have to "teach a dog to bite" then you have the wrong dog and you'd have to use defense to get that dog to bite. Using defensive training is dangerous unless it's with a well trained mature dog that has already shown to be be stable. No disrepect, but you really need to know what you talking about to understand the proper way to work with a dog. Just like I admited I know nothing about what you folks know so much. I wouldn't ever post about something you mentioned if I had no clue what I was talking about. "teaching a dog to bite is not cool" tells me alot. Thanks for your concern. Dobermann's were the only breed to be bread for one reason and one reason only, personal protection. I'm not bit## at you, but your response does tell me you don't understand. It's cool, but like I will regarding posts I know nothing about, I would suggest the same. cool?? Sorry to get off topic, but that was uncalled for, respectfuly - longbite.
Hey Dan,

We have done multiple hard resets on both phones, had the phones replaced and deleted our gmail and all Google content. This person has has made it to the point I can hardly use my phone. It has to be pulling from somewhere, in order to do that wouldn't all the person need to know is our phone numbers, set up a google account under our numbers then be able to send anything he or she wants each time we do a hard reset?
what do you mean by hard reset? I am talking.. wiping the phone and resetting everything back to its original state when you first purchased it. all apps will be fully removed. you should also do a full format of the memory card you put in it.

NO.. you can not just create a new google account for some random phone that is NOT in your possession. even if you have the phone number.

if you have replaced the phone completely.. then what about the memory card and the data that is in it? and the SIM card?? something is the common denominator.. that is causing your issue.