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help me pllzzz:(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by redgirl, Aug 17, 2010.

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    okay...so my little cousin rooted his fone...it seemed cool so i told him to root my fone....i do not understand anything and i ****ed up my fone....i need to take it in to verizon for a new one..

    this is what i did
    i updated my fone to 2.2
    rooted it frm easy root

    downloaded a rom for a theme and thats it
    the screen keeps turning off and everything i try and do keeps forclosing

    i unrooted it and deleted anythoing root related...i rebooted my fone after n everything...

    its ****ed up:(

    HELP me pllzzzz
    i want my droid back

  2. If ur Phone is the Devour ur ****ed because theres no such thing as updating ur phone to 2.2 with the devour. and themes well there arent really themes out. also , easy root is for the X not for the Devour. And theres no roms for this phone. Not even a way to make the roms in the first place. So i really thing ur phones screwed over unless u try to push back all the original files and im not even sure that will work ether 0.0

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