Root Help me plz, Samsung Galaxi Admire R820

Hi all, l need help plz, l have a MetroPCS samsung galaxy Admire R820 with Android 2.3.6 , l want use it in my country to CDMA but it say Red Movil Dont avalible all time ( Red Movil No Disponible) and dont have Signal but if l try call 911 it work fine. :S

l have Tricom PRL and all right but it dont work. :S

and it have all time airplane mode ON :s , l turn off but when l reset the cell it back ON.

help me plz

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Is it unlocked for use in other companies other than MetroPCS? and also of course it calls 911 because that is an emergency number and you can make emergency calls even without service. ALSO, this is the wrong forums because this forum is for the Samsung admire SCHR720 not 820.