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Feb 26, 2013

My Samsung Note 8 was fine when I last use it to 2% battery then I plug in to the charger and waited for about 2 hours, now should be fully charged.

After charging when I tried to use my phone, I could only see black screen and blue blinking led light (those that looks like new unread messages led light), I tried pressing all physical side buttons (power/volume), I tried pressing the home button nothing happens, still black screen and blue blinking led light.

I followed tips in these videos
pressed (power button + lower volume button). phone reset and load at the [SAMSUNG Galaxy Note8] logo and stuck there for 15mins.

I pressed (power button + lower volume button) again, phone only have black screen and nothing else, no led light or text logo.

Now phone is completely black no led light or text logo, no effect when I press any side buttons or home button. Tried plug in charger to phone and switch on charger also nothing happens on phone.

Please help. Thanks.
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From what you described it sounds like hardware fault, given that the "battery pull" holding down the buttons didn't work. Repair or replacement required, nothing else you can do.

Pressing [pressed (power button + lower volume button)] will not delete any data in my phone?

I send my phone for repair, they say it is not battery problem, they say it is CPU faulty, they are trying to see if the CPU can be repaired. They said even if it is repaired it will not last long and the purpose is just for me to access my data.
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