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Help me to FLASH for X8

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sastra17, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. sastra17

    sastra17 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone could help me to flash my x8??
    I've enabled JIT but after rebooting, my phone can't start, just stuck on Sony Ericcson logo, then reboot again, please help me..

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  2. coman_nick

    coman_nick Android Enthusiast

    Did you install xRecovery like anybody suggests everywhere? And then did you make a backup like anybody suggests everywhere? If not, reflash it with Bin4ry'd Flash Tool as discribed here http://androidforums.com/x8-all-things-root/242205-root-2-1-easy-way.html. Try first a 2.1 firmware, otherwise do the 1.6 then upgrade via SEUS. First read and understand how it is used.
  3. sastra17

    sastra17 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    yes I did, but i didn't back it up on xrecovery :(. But anyway I've been flashing via SEUS. But i still cant enable JIT on my phone :(
  4. iyaicoolen

    iyaicoolen Lurker

    you can try sony ericsson pc companion

    cause i just repair my software with that software and it backs to normal
  5. coman_nick

    coman_nick Android Enthusiast

    Or that! :) More simple actually then what I said. Guess I'm stuck on that because before superoneclick I was skipping a few steps if it didn't work. As for JIT, if you can't install it, don't worry. I never felt the difference with or without. Actually I think it was a bit laggy with JIT. Now I don't even use it. I really don't need the extra processing power.
  6. sastra17

    sastra17 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    yeeaaahhh some people said like that and i think so :cool:
  7. 2die4

    2die4 Lurker

    If u like i solve that for you just over virtual USB, send private message if need...
  8. thongkies

    thongkies Lurker

    hey guys does any one know how to fix my x8 it stuck in se logo and my xrecory doesnt work either.. how can i solve it need help plzzz huhu...
  9. gabeyong

    gabeyong Android Enthusiast


    1. switch off Xperia x8
    2. launch PC Companion
    3. go to software section of PC Companion
    4. hold back button of Xperia x8 connect usb to PC
    5. PC companion should detect X8 phone in recovery mode and start to download and reinstall software.

    cheers :)
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  10. meiaxx8

    meiaxx8 Newbie

    PC Companion is rescuer ^^
  11. ManPower2011

    ManPower2011 Lurker

    I have this exactly same problem (phone stuck at sony logo) but every time I try to solve it using either PC companion or Update Service... the program tells me i already have the latest software and that it can't download anything... what can I do???
  12. meiaxx8

    meiaxx8 Newbie


    you alreally install PC Companion?
    then you open that program, (make sure you off your X8 5sec then connect usb with press button back. It will connect your X8 into your PC)

    click start at Support Zone,
    klik Start at Phone software Update,
    click repair. ^^

    and just follow that step.

    p.s : sry if my english wrong and my post wrong.:(
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  13. Excelflash

    Excelflash Lurker

    Metro Full Flash Guide For the Sony Xperia NO NEED TO ROOT TO FULL FLASH

    1. Make sure that the phone is in debug and plug phone into the computer.
    2. Go to the dialer and press ##3424 then call. This will put the phone into diag mode to provision.
    3. Open Device manager on your computer look for the drivers to update.
    4. Once it updates, then open CDMA WS and select the port that you Sony is on (use the port that has USB labeled on it). Then press the connect. DON'T PRESS THE READ BUTTON
    Program your NAM, EVDO and load your PRL and you're 3G should pop up depending what PRL you're using.

    Under the voice dialer in the apps drawer, speak: APNS and it will open. Change the APN NAME to MetroPCS and the APN to MMS then proceed to MMSC and plug in: http://mms.metropcs.net:3128/mms

    That's it the phone should be fully flashed!
  14. Jia Jun

    Jia Jun Lurker

    very good of this one

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