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May 18, 2011
Well my evo shift gave me a tip on how to remove an app off my main screen. Well I did as it told me to and all my widgets and apps left the screen! I tried to readd my clock widget but it wasn't there to add it. So after that I decided to turn my phone off and waited 5 minutes. I tried to turn my phone on but it wouldn't turn on! I tried to take the battery out, I took the battery and SD card out but that didn't work. I tried to up it on the charger and the light to notify it's charging wouldn't even come on. So I left it alone for 8 hours and it will won't work. I didn't get it wet or drop it. It's only 33 days old. Help me if u can!
Welcome to the forums!

If your phone won't charge or won't turn on, you have to take it in.

Root is the act of getting admin access to your phone so you can change things under the hood, so to speak.

Don't take this the wrong way - you are not ready for root. It's terribly important to understand your phone and Android before moving to advanced stuff.

To get your widgets back, it's pretty simple.

Long-press on a blank spot on your home screen (you have 7 home screens, you swipe left-right to scroll between them). A menu will appear to give you access to widgets, shortcuts and apps.

Take your time, set up your home screens however you like.

You have not really broken anything, you just need to get a feel for how your phone layout works.

Relax and go slow - do not panic. Panic causes more trouble and makes your dog nervous and your cat disgusted. ;)

I've moved this to the Shift Support section so other users can chime in and help.