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I had my mom to buy me an Verizon Samsung galaxy s3 and my plan was to use it with Verizon prepaid , only to find out that the Samsung galaxy s3 could not be used with Verizon prepaid . My only choice was to try straight talk but now im just finding out (after i bought the $64 activation kit) that straight talk can't be used either ! I running out of options . Is there anyway that i can use my Verizon Samsung without service with the att straight talk sims card


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The phone won't talk to AT&T towers because they use a different technology. You can use it without service with NO SIM card. But then it's a small tablet, not a phone.

Did you go to Straight Talk Compatibility Tracfone: BYOP to see if you can use the phone on Verizon with Straight Talk? (You'll find that most of the Straight Talk "support" people you talk to on the phone are less intelligent than the phone you're talking about. And know very little about what you can and can't do with their company. There are companies with worse customer service, but it's not easy to be that bad.)