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HELP! missing apps after dead battery, cannot restore

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by sharkoparko, May 4, 2010.

  1. sharkoparko

    sharkoparko New Member
    Thread Starter

    May 4, 2010
    GOT A Problem On your G1 Magic or Other Android Phones ?

    If you expect or would like answers from our Seniors Members ???
    Please !! provide the following : .... (so they can best help you quickly)

    Go into you phone settings in the "About Phone" and let us know :

    1.) Model Number ? T-mobile mytouch 3G
    2.) Firmware Version ? 1.6
    3.) Baseband Version ? 62.50sc.20.17U_2.22.23.02
    4.) Kernel Version ? 2.6.29-00479-g3c7df37
    android-build@apa26 #19
    5.) Build Number ? DMD64

    Also do you have a T-Mobile Data plan on your
    PayAsYouGo or FlexPay Plan? no data, just WiFi on soon-to-expire plan

    Carrier ? T-mobile
    Country you are using your phone in ? USA

    Is the phone SIM registered in T-Mobile as the Correct phone?

    ****just changed it!!:eek:

    I am using the device for 5 days, without any problems. however the battery died today and was trying to power it on several times (2) with dead battery. When I connected it to the charger later on and turn it on the application icons were "green android" (all of them).

    When I clicked on the app there is a message at the bottom "the app is not installed on your phone"

    when I go to to App>manage Apps the apps are there but cannot be selected.

    so far I did soft reset battery off the phone and no charger connected.

    The android market app is missing too, so I cannot reload the apps. The browser is working fine, videos are streaming, calls are OK, bluetooth.

    No google maps also.


  2. Frostation

    Frostation Active Member

    Apr 1, 2010
    Brentwood, UK
    Try doing a fatory reset, or a hard factory reset(complete reset),

    Menu Path Method: (Factory Reset)
    1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
    2. Touch Settings.
    3. Touch and slide the menu upward.
    4. Touch SD card & phone storage.
    5. Touch Factory data reset.
    6. Touch Reset phone.
    7. Touch Erase everything.
    8. The device will dump all of the data and reload.
    Key Stroke Method (Hard Factory Reset)

    1. Power the device OFF.
      • Note: If the device is unresponsive and does not turn off, remove the battery and then re-insert it.
    2. Press and hold the Home key and the red End key for 30 seconds. Do not release the keys if the Startup screen appears.
    3. When the screen displays a warning sign, release the keys.
    4. Press the Home key and the Power key again.
    5. When the Android system recovery utility appears, use the trackball to scroll to and select Wipe data/factory reset.
    6. When the reset is complete, select reboot system now
    Please note this wipes all your data

    Hope it helps
  3. sharkoparko

    sharkoparko New Member
    Thread Starter

    May 4, 2010
    i guess it does, i wanted to do it without this, but this might be the only one solution!


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