Help HELP motorola driod ONLY shows logo

So the other day the phone froze so i took out the battery and when it came back on only the logo screen came up and the keyboard lights came on so when i was reading something it said to press some buttons and than the reboot screen came on and that was so i have connect it to the computer and took out battery and it still dont work how can i fix this please help

and when we press x and the power button noting comes up than we press the power button and volume button and thats when its says

2c. 7c
battery ok
ok to program
transfer made


Sounds like your DROID has gotten corrupted. I urge you to read this thread: - Scroll down to the section that says How to revert back to Stock 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.1, or 2.2 and then click the
Now you see me!
'link' underneath that section to 'show' the hidden info.

If you need help, plenty of us are here to help walk you through the process. it is a bit arduous, and you're going to be setting up your phone so it looks like you just bought it, but your contacts, settings, and apps should all be stored in your Google account.


Just the one - each SBF is an entire ROM for the phone, and you can only have one on at a time (normally).

2.2 should be the one for you.


This should work. The fact that the bootloader loads usually indicates that it is simply a matter of file corruption or error. Think of that as analogous to messing up windows b/c of a missing file - windows cannot load, but all you need to do is format your HD and reinstall windows and all of your apps - the computer itself is fine.

in fact, it is more than analogous - by doing this that is the very assumption we're making - that it is just a problem with android, not a hardware issue.

You do have to be precise in your steps, though. But that guide is as in depth as you can get. If you want / need more help, I'll be up for an hour or so, and you can PM me.

I once helped another user here until around 5 or 6 AM, an if it comes to that, well, I'm off from school tomorrow, so....