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Help! Moved app out of /sys

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leathan, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. leathan

    leathan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Introduction: Hi everyone, sorry to disturb i have a problem...
    This problem is slightly technical, and i can comprehend any fixes despite their technical nature. However if you have any non technical ideas or even if your not sure please suggest something im quite desperate.....

    Problem: i have 2.3 stock and root (I HAD TOO...HADDDDDDTOO!!!!) ...
    When i boot phone i get stuck on motto logo screen (no animation)...

    I had an app called system tuner installed by myself to /system folder....

    I moved that app out of /system folder and instantly started getting notification pop ups nearly back to back telling me individual activities and services were crashing. Eventually and many notifications later my phone apparently had nothing left running on it and just displayed a screen showing me my battery charge, and showing that it was charging. So it was taking charge. But it accepted no user actions at all.... I am very very scared because on this phone i dont have cwm app. i didnt want to play around as much as i did on my other phones (never bricked one) but i should have gotten cwm because now i can boot into recovery mode but factory reset data and clear cache did not work...

    I am not sure what the other modes like nvflash do but i believe that would allow me to push software via flashing? I do not know how to would do this, and also since I have. 2.3 and its not totally unlocked yet im not sure if i can....

    Sadly i have no idea what the other modes are and will read about them now, but they seem like dead ends. Please if you have any ideas at all let me know... Im so stupid for doing this :( but i need this phone :( im in china and cant just go buy another... Things are very very different here... Just getting android apps or products is hard as hell... And u get scammed.....

    Sorry for such a long post last thing!!!...

    I have an idea to get an sd card and an adapter to plug it into my tiny laptop, i then can make my own stock file for atrix 4g and try to use "recover from sd" in "android recovery mode". Should i try that? Im poor, and in debt so i rather confirm that this is different from factory reset data... It should be the same.....

    But that depends on where the phone keeps that data internally........ And on weather or not my actions corrupted that data....

    Ok done.. Please help!

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  2. leathan

    leathan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone know if "android recovery mode" "recover from sdcard" will accept a entire backup made by "titanium backup" or do i need to indeed go make a custom backupfile? If so how :/?
  3. leathan

    leathan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have 2.3.4 i think cant check
  4. leathan

    leathan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    When i have the charger plugged in i can click the screen on/off button. It then passes the motto logo and displays my battery status and shows its charging.
  5. leathan

    leathan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    New update on my status:

    I have installed android sdk with plugins and adb and the motto drivers. I then installed fastboot. I connected my phone in fastbootmode and...

    I open command prompt woth phone pluged in and type:

    "Fastboot devices" - and i get a match on my device.

    I type "fastboot eom unlock" - my bl is unlocked apparantly

    I then downlpad cwm.img file and attempt to flash it to my recovery partition with

    "Flashboot flash recovery cwm.img" - i get "error: cannot load cwm.img"

    I have cwm.img in the correct path (with fastboot) and i also have the env variable set.

    I then try adb mode and type "adb devices" - no match (and i switched the phone to rsd and my computer gave me a popup saying moto adb drivers ready)

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