Help Help!! Music being deleted!


I decided to download another mp3 today from the internet. There have been issues in the past where 1 or 2 songs would disappear from the Music Player without any way to recover them or explanation. I was worried whenever I wanted to download another song, so I deleted one before downloading. I noticed afterwards that the same issue with two songs was happening. The playlist would skip over them and display along the lines of "Sorry, but the audio player doesn't support this type of music file" before consequently automatically deleting them.
I restarted my phone this time around, and I now have 23 of the 70+ songs I have and all of the my previous photos deleted. I say "previous" because I had a really old android phone last year and the people at Verizon moved over my SD card to my new S3. Those photos are gone.
I tried downloading and using a file manager to find my lost music. I couldn't find them, but I found empty directories of songs I deleted but used my computer to sync with.
My SD card is only 2GB so this might be a problem, meaning that the phone could be automatically deleting things because of storage. It says total space is 1.86GB and Available space is 881MB. Device memory is not high either, I did not download many new apps. I have 10.72GB of available space. I tried re-downloading a 4MB song and it would not let me because of "not enough memory". I can see the names of the lost songs in the Downloads list but cannot retrive or re-download them.
I am considering formatting my card, but not until I am absolutely sure I cannot recover these files. If you have any insight, please help. I am running 4.1.2


Android Expert
I'd be surprised if the phone is deleting files automatically - most people would definitely not like that :eek:

My guess is that your SD card is playing up. Re-formatting it might help - it's certainly worth a try - but it would have to be a proper format, not the fast one.

You might just want to get a new card, though. They're not so expensive these days - even 16GB and 32GB ones and they would give you a LOT more space.