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Help.MW please

Discussion in 'Android Carriers' started by photohotflashes, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. photohotflashes

    Thread Starter

    Help.. need unwanted apps off my phone I dident installed .please take off all apps in my phone that's bridge over from unknown devices

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  2. ExLegionAir

    ExLegionAir Well-Known Member

    Are they apps that came with the phone because if they are most likely these can not be removed normally in order to do this you will need a rooted device.
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  3. conkerriot

    conkerriot Lurker

    I have found a way to uninstall them from users. So if u r user 1 for example, it will delete the app/apk from ur profile. NOW I want u to keep in mind that the app/apk WILL STILL BE ON YOUR PHONE BUT It will not show up while ur profile is active and will not run as a backround process. If ur interested message me. I'll show some screen shots of my app list.
    See normally you can force stop or sometimes disable some of these apps but usually they will restart anyway and disabling them wasn't good enough for me.Which i hated
    But as u can see I've uninstalled them from my user profile so they are not there to run since my profile doesn't acknowledge their pathetic existence muhahahaha!!!!
    But if I logged into guest or create another profile for a family member, those apps will reinstall for that profile but that profile only.
    Be aware!!!!! U will need a computer and to download an application. It's free thought and really easy.
    That's the best I can offer buddy. I had to do it this way because my Zte Zmax Pro ( Z981 ) isn't able to be rooted at this time
    Cheers Bro.

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