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Help! My battery is discharging faster and faster...it's been only a month and a half now!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Notreallyhere, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Notreallyhere

    Notreallyhere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My ZTE zmax pro's battery is discharging faster than it has in the first few weeks that I have had it...and I have only had it for 44 days!

    At first(like up to the first three weeks) the battery life on this phone was the best thing about it. I would charge it to 100%, then if I didn't use it like all day (24 hours), when I checked the phone the next day, it had only went down 2%!
    On September 10th, I charged my phone to 100% in the morning, went for the whole day, used the phone throughout the day to make calls and texts, browsed the web a little bit, and by the time I got home, the battery had only dropped down to 87%.
    Now, that was with my screen brightness in 45%-47%.

    Also, I only had 3 apps that I had downloaded...4 now. None of those apps use up much battery power. Plus, I keep 2 of the apps notifications off ,the other two(games) rarely send notifications, and they(the games) don't run in the background. So, those are the only apps I have downloaded, all the rest came with the phone and they still don't use up much battery life.
    Most of them I haven't even ran since I got the phone.

    This is why it is so confusing to me how all of a sudden my battery life is draining faster now than it did in the first 3 weeks of me having it.

    Can someone help me out here?
    I already utilize most...if not all of the battery saving tips. I now keep my brightness down to 35-40%, I have wifi off, gps is off, and I don't really use apps.

    I use YouTube, gmail(every once in a while), the two game apps, the music player, the video player (twice). I mainly use my browser and go online, but I don't stay online long. I also mainly talk on the phone and send text messages.

    Here is another thing that gets me, in the first few weeks, I was able to talk on the phone for more than 2 hours without my phone dropping more than 5%, I could talk and text and briefly surf the web, and it wouldn't drop too much. I could watch a video without it dropping too much.
    I timed it. Watching videos on YouTube in the browser or in the app makes the phone lose 1% battery life every 3 minutes. Watching videos on the video player app causes the phone to lose 1% battery life every 4minutes..that is reasonable.
    Surfing the web causes a loss of 1% battery life every 3-4 minutes. Checking Gmail causes a loss of 1% battery life every 3 minutes. Checking and sending texts causes loss of 1% battery life every 3-4 minutes. That's fine. I didn't really mind that, since that has been happening from day one, and since I am actively doing something. When the phone wasn't active, and it was in sleep mode, the phone didn't discharge...not really.

    Now, no matter what the phone is doing, it's discharging!
    It discharges more now while it's sleeping than it did just three weeks ago.

    What is wrong with my phone????

    BTW, Up untill September 17th, it was discharging as normal. After that, the battery life wasn't the same.

    P.S. I am uploading screenshots that show what I am taking about. They will go in order from October 1st-8th.

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  2. creep138

    creep138 Newbie

    Did you factory reset the phone? That should be number one on anyone's list.

    Maybe it's sensing the screen is on cause app interference? Maybe one of those four apps has a corrupted update?

    Also to note, I'd recommend staying off "fishy" sites (winky wink). Maybe an ad took on a life of it's own, attached to a security flaw in one of your four apps and trying to get to know you a little better, yea know what I mean?
  3. jhgfrtu

    jhgfrtu Well-Known Member

    Check for any rogue apps.
    Also check your advanced wifi settings. Make sure scanning always available and Network notification toggles are UNCHECKED...
    That was my issue, after that, no more quick battery drain.
    #3 jhgfrtu, Oct 11, 2017
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  4. Notreallyhere

    Notreallyhere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    No, I haven't done a factory reset yet.
    Only one of the 4 apps have been updated though. I manually updated it a few days ago.
    As for the fishy sites, I don't go on those. I mainly go on regular store sites like Target, eBay, Amazon, ones like that, or sites like: Pinterest, YouTube, CarGuru, and wish. Oh, and now my phone is doing something else weird, it is changing some of my contacts ringtones and message tones.
  5. Notreallyhere

    Notreallyhere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Rogue apps? :-\ How do you get a rogue app?
    I looked in my apps again, I still have all of the same apps my phone came with plus the 4 I downloaded. And no I don't have wifi, or scanning on. I pretty much have everything off.

    I am uploading two screenshots I took just now. They show everything that is currently running. That's about how much is always running on here. I usually don't use too many apps at one time.

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  6. creep138

    creep138 Newbie

    Sometimes if your phone has a security flaw and let's say you were attacked, malicious apps will install without the user knowing. I think android had a few, don't quote me on that tho.

    I feel a factory reset will help, cause it does seem like your screen is staying on even tho it appears off. It could even be hardware related for all we know. If it continues after a reset it's hardware. Only way to know.
  7. viperdink

    viperdink Android Expert

    Try running GSAM and GFIX apps that are free from play store before you factory reset. Gsam will tell you what is using up the battery.
    Gfix will clean up goggle play services using back ground data which could be using battery needlessly. Wiping cashe on the apps gsam says are using battery will help. After doing a factory reset let your phone do a few charge cycles before doing any changes. It does help smooth out battery stability.
    #7 viperdink, Oct 14, 2017
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  8. Notreallyhere

    Notreallyhere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Okay, thank you creeper. I will try that. :)
  9. Notreallyhere

    Notreallyhere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Gsam and Gfix, ok, I will try those. But background data shouldn't be running because I turned that off, and I clean out my caches.
  10. Nintendo1889

    Nintendo1889 Android Enthusiast

    If cell standby is using that much CPU, then disable VoLTE in the call settings.
    You can also try to retrain the battery. Charge fully, then discharge fully, charge to 100%, do for three or more cycles. Also maybe don't leave on a charger overnight, since it is a quick charging phone.
    Also a theory of mine: try using a standard slow charger from a slow charging phone (1.0volts versus 2.0v or higher) with the usb-c adapter.
    #10 Nintendo1889, Oct 21, 2017
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  12. drjekyll361

    drjekyll361 Lurker

    Could be you have uninstalled apps still running in background. Fix?? Turn on batt saver maybe?!
  13. drjekyll361

    drjekyll361 Lurker

    Lithium battery will get ruined if you drain to zero . Don't drain below 15 percent
  14. RootBeerGuy

    RootBeerGuy Newbie

    I don't think that is really true because that Nintendo1889 person said that you can try to fully charge and then fully drain your battery a few cycles in a row to try to retrain it to last longer. Can anybody else chime in to tell us if any of this is true or not?
  15. Dinsbeard

    Dinsbeard Lurker

    Okay so battery drain has become a true force in my life. It's been rather recent as well, as I haven't had any real problems until within the past month...
    The 3rd screenshot is my biggest concern, because for this device's purpose RAM > Battery Usage.

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  16. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    Can you explain what it is about the third shot that concerns you? Android is supposed to keep the RAM usage high: that's how it's designed, and is the most efficient way of operating (this isn't Windows 95, so forget any nonesense about free RAM being desirable). As for the power drain, it's hard to say: your screenshot shows a couple of very anonymous-looking apps using power, but I've no idea what those might be. Your signal strength isn't impressive: has that got worse lately? That could happen if e.g. a cell has been changed, and would affect power usage. Sorry that's nothing very definite.

    Actually discharging a lithium battery completely would wreck it. Fortunately the charge controllers are designed to prevent this, so it will shut down before it reaches that point ("0%" is not the same as "deep discharge"). Nevertheless I'd not recommend routinely running the phone to the point where it shuts down - occasionally is fine, but doing it regularly will reduce battery longevity.
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  17. atefbouss

    atefbouss Lurker

    Here the Solution,
    My friend, I encountered this problem like you, when on standby the phone is usually awake and discharge all the time. I have tried all apps but no way can't find what make phone awake all the time. (Wipe cache, Hard reset, Soft reset...No solution)
    Finally I find the mysterious solution. Its strange but its true. There is part that is working all the time even phone is locked or in standby...My friend Its fingerprint sensor.
    Yes fingerprint...So I opened the phone and disconnect the fingerprint connector and now phone is working great and no more discharging. Its magic I don't know how but its the truth.
    Fingerprint is the problem or a system problem that is letting fingerprint to work all the time even phone is in standby.
    My phone charging is now restored to 100% and also better than before yes better. Zte with metro pcs must update their system and fix this issue.
    Now my phone is without fingerprint sensor and I use a Schematic to unlock screen.
    If you are out of warranty disassemble the phone (Find how on YouTube) and pull out the fingerprint connector (2 screws) and see the difference. its abnormal and strange but its true
  18. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum

    I couldn't recommend taking apart a phone for this problem unless it were to replace a defective part. If I were to guess I would say that your fingerprint sensor was indeed defective or dirty enough to constantly register touches, thereby draining the battery.

    @Hadron is correct. There's nothing to be concerned about. As a matter of fact, your memory use is almost identical to mine but I don't have a power drain issue, so it's likely to be something else for you.

    In you battery screen you show the screen as the largest power consumer followed by what I can only assume are process IDs. It would be helpful to know what they are.

    So other than the battery drain problem, what changed on your phone a month ago? Did you get an update? Change carriers? Move to a new residence?
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  19. Nintendo1889

    Nintendo1889 Android Enthusiast

    The battery retrain thing does work on the iPhone 3 and 4 that shut off at 30%. I think the other people here are more knowledgeable about this. The battery training thing applies when you first get a device, imho.

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