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Help! My Honor 8 is stuck on 521 and i can't...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Thelothian, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Thelothian

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    ... roll back (from Oreo to Nougat) or even upgrade to any new version. My current build is but it has several problems with Bluetooth and Android Auto. I upgraded my Honor 8 to Oreo at the end of August and since that day no rollback options has appeared and no update either via OTA or HiSuite is available until now. I'm considering the rollback option because with Nougat I had NO problems with Bluetooth, and (apart from battery use, true strength of Oreo) the reliability of the system was much better.

    I tried:
    - total reset. It has reinstalled the 521.
    - Start in update mode + MicroSD with Nougat rollback package saved on it. It gives me an error shortly after starting the installation (5%).
    - Startup in update mode + MicroSD with update for FRD-L09, verified. Error shortly after starting the installation, just like with the Nougat rollback package
    - various and various attempts with HiSuite that 99/100 times tells me that I've the system updated to the latest version (always 521) without showing the rollback option (I've no button to select an older version, despite the instructions around the web tells about it). Once the "famous" button appeared (I've no idea what I did to trigger it, I simply insisted on Updating, clicking on it 10-15 times, spamming...), I selected the latest Nougat build, clicked on UPDATE, but exactly like the above try, shortly after the start of the installation stops and gives me the same error "Cannot Update".

    I'm very, very disappointed by this update policy, closed and armored, which Huawei has imposed, and frankly I don't know what to do. I'm excluding the paid procedure that someone proposed me (pay for unlock code and then, through a special tool, FORCE the rollback), especially because my device is still under warranty; therefore better go to the Huawei service center asking to put my device back to original factory settings and OS.

    I write here in the hope of finding someone who has passed the same experience and has solved it, or someone who knows how I can do the SIMPLE thing in the world, and totally in my rights, that is to decide what version of OS I want on MY smartphone!

    Can anyone help me?

    Thank you

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    Somehow your post bot garbled.

    هلاو translates to "Take Away." I'm not sure if you meant to include more than that. :thinking:
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  4. Thelothian

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    Solved, incredible! Hours of consultation and attempts ... in the end I found a method described here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/huawei-p20-pro/help/p20-pro-bricked-t3868085#4
    And if you go ahead you should find the correct firmware link (on a Russian site). Although, IMHO, failing with the classic method was due to the impossibility or some bugs in the update system, to unpack the update files on sdcard. So the solution seems to be to leave both the zip and the unpacked folder.
    The problems with bluetooth remain, but I hope that now there is not to be crazy applying next updates. ATTENTION: the method above is NOT valid for rollback! If you try, you'll brick your Honor.

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