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Help, My Huawei Ascend y550?????

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ashleigh101, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. Ashleigh101

    Ashleigh101 Lurker
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    I need help, i have had my Huawei Ascend y550 just over 1 year, and it has been working find, but recently been slower then it has been normally.
    Today, i as onmy phone like normal, i locked my phone like normal and then when i turned it back on, none of my apps or anything was working so, i just turned off my phone and turned it back on to see if it would do anything but no..
    First i came up with abox saying either click "pay as you go" or "pay monthly".. so i did.
    Second it then came up with another two boxes saying
    1- restore factory settings ( erase all data)
    2- restart phone
    I restarted it and it did nothing, just went back to the same first two questions, so i then clicked restore factory settings and it did nothing, it wouldn't do anything.
    So, my phone is just stuck with the first box and the second box.

    It says Internal storage damaged and now unavailable.

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