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Help ! Need a Grocery / shopping list...

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ginosergio, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. ginosergio

    ginosergio Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Using Android since 2 days, and spent one whole day trying at least 30 apps :mad:. Really sad. I came from a Windows Mobile phone, and I used "Handy Shopper". I really cannot understand while nothing on Android come close.
    There are features so obvious... and often missing from Android apps I've tried:

    1. I wish to import my old "master" list (250 items) from txt / csv / email, because I don't want to re-type it !
    2. I wish that the app maintain a "master" list (these are the items that I usually buy, but only when I need them)
    3. Can add, modify, delete items from master list.
    4. I wish to have a function "prepare shopping list": I browse the master list and tap what I need. Tapped items change colors, move to top positions... something like that, and GO into the "shopping" list. Tapping again remove from shopping list.
    5. When I go shopping, I use the "shopping" list: when I put something in the basket I tap the item and it change color, become checked, goes to the bottom of the list
    6. Then I need a simple function "empty shopping list" that leaves the master list untouched.

    That's all.
    I do not need prices, barcodes, internet functions, and so on...

    If you know an app that meets this list, please let me know !!
    Thank you !!

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  2. jimdroid

    jimdroid Android Expert

    OurGroceries ( https://market.android.com/details?id=com.headcode.ourgroceries ) gets you pretty close to what you are looking for.

    1). It doesn't do this AFAIK, but you can enter all the items on the PC instead of the phone, so it should be pretty fast.

    2). "Recipes" function as master lists

    3). Can do.

    4). Yes, though slightly different from what you describe. OurGroceries caches the previously entered items, so just a few keystrokes will get you the item you want. You can also just select items from a Recipe (master list) and put them into a shopping list.

    5). Tapping an item in a shopping list crosses it off and moves it to the bottom of the list. You can either leave it there or delete it or un-cross it off.

    6). You can delete the whole shopping list, or just tap tap tap to get rid of all the items in the list.

    It's free, in the Market.
  3. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    Springpad has a list function and you can use it online as well.
  4. MarkHirt

    MarkHirt Guest

  5. ginosergio

    ginosergio Lurker
    Thread Starter

    No, you can just add a whole recipe to your shopping list. It's useless !
    I also tried, but losing my time again... I need One and only master list, to choose from, and build the shopping list...
    I cannot have multiple recipes... I do not "always" buy a group of items !!

    Thanks anyway

  6. jimdroid

    jimdroid Android Expert

    That's not how it works. A recipe is a master list, it's a "permanent" list from which you can pick items. You don't need to pick the entire list. I just have one "recipe," called MasterShoppingList, from which I build my shopping lists.

    Also, as I mentioned before, you don't really need the recipe master list. As you enter items into a shopping list (btw, I keep 8 shopping lists), OurGroceries caches them so that the next time you build a shopping list, you are two or three keyboard taps away from entering an item that you've already entered (http://www.ourgroceries.com/faq)
  7. ginosergio

    ginosergio Lurker
    Thread Starter

    jimdroid, thanks for your answer, I tried ourgroceries only online, and I have not find a way to chose only some items on recipe lists; maybe it can be done from the phone ?

    I have seen the caching system, but it's good only if you know exactly what you have to buy, and do not forget things. I find way better to read a (even long) list, so I can see items that I've seen missing (maybe some days ago), or maybe I read an item I did not think of, and go into the refrigerator to see if it is missing...

  8. ginosergio

    ginosergio Lurker
    Thread Starter

    @ Markhirt: Yes, you're right! Shopping list plus does everything I need (and nothing else apart barcodes, but who cares?)

    I imported a csv with my 250 items in a couple of seconds; I can choose from here and build a shopping list. It seems missing only a way to reset as "needed" all the items of a shopping list after you used it and checked all items as "bought".

    really useful that checked items goes on bottom (I needed this) and you can also hide them without losing them.

    Thanks for your help !

  9. MarkHirt

    MarkHirt Guest

    Your welcome
  10. dcooterfrog

    dcooterfrog Well-Known Member

    I have been playing with grocieryiq

    Sort list by categories. Multiple stores web sync. Add items by scan by voice from favorites, think of a master list,

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