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*HELP* Need Alcatel OT Fierce Settings and Phone App. "settings has stopped"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MarsMartian, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. MarsMartian

    MarsMartian Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys, I've had this phone a while now, I bricked my first one after a messed up update and this one was a little wonky after trying to change the boot logo, I've since fixed the issue and got my phone to work correctly for the most part but ever since programs have begun to stop working. My settings app crashes if I try and do certain things and when I reboot I automatically get the "phone has stopped working" and " messaging has stopped..." errors twice (used to be non stop until I'd open the phone app then they'd stop, so it's good it's only twice now) and I'd like to try and fix it. I've tried all the typical fixes so the next viable option would be to delete the apps from my phone and install working ones from someone else's One Touch Fierce. I have the T-Mobile version, running L2HUMH2 (you can find your version under settings/about phone/software update. I'm guessing the APKs from the updated version would work as well.

    So my huge favor to ask is, if anyone with the Alcatel One Touch Fierce could either make a backup of their settings, phone and messages app using titanium backup,(settings app shows as settings 4.2.2-194 in Titanium Backup) or you can find the .apk at /system/app
    then just copy settings, mms, and Phone or telephony and maybe even the odex's for each if they are there, to cover all bases.

    possibly if you could even copy the folders; Com.android.settings and Com.android.providers settings
    at /data/data/
    it may help some.

    I'd be forever grateful to anyone who can help me and hopefully if this works, Help many others who face this issue as well. If this does work I will upload a complete stock app set for this phone for anyone else who runs into this issue with any other apps Thanks in advance for replies

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  2. Nullies

    Nullies Lurker

    How to fix this man.. I have been waiting for days... and no one give a fix to this :(
  3. MarsMartian

    MarsMartian Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sadly it seems there is no fix. My Fierce still won't let me view certain areas on the settings menu along with various other things :( it won't even connect to cell service anymore and says it doesn't have an IMEI so I had to just buy a new phone. If you're in the same boat, check out the galaxy light from Metro PCS. Its got almost the same specs as the one touch fierce accept its made by a more reputable manufacturer and has custom recovery which is a great thing that isn't available on the fierce! Most of all. Its only $30 at metro!!! So worth it. I might even buy a second just to have it. Also there are custom Roms and backups of the stock Roms in case anything like this should happen on this phone.

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