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Help need how to debug black screen on app Start

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by sergeCal, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. sergeCal

    sergeCal Lurker
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    Dear all,

    I have install Android-x86 7.1 on an Intel Nuc7i5BNK which instalml correctly and have full access to web.
    Then my customer ask me to test his application DRagon Ball Z dokan battle on this version.

    When I start the application, I get a black screen. I do not know if application has really started. Then after a while I get a message to try to re open the app.

    I try to use aLogCat Root app in order to debug the app log but when I startr log cat it ask all time a lot of authorisation each time to SuperSuer su which I could understand. Not able to run aLogCat.

    How can I get reason why the app crash ?

    Please note that running the same app on a phone or tablett works perfectly, only in Android-x86 it fails

    Thanks for help


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  2. Ask the developer if the app includes compatibility for the x86 architecture.

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