Help Help needed as phone crashes every 30mins or so of unactivity


I got my new gt540 a couple of weeks ago and after trying the lg updater it got stuck at the boot screen so i used the KDZ installer to install the 2.1 orange firmware (it is an orange supplied phone) - thanks for the info btw

Now i dont know what the problem is as i never actually got the chance to use the original firmware as i used the lg updater almost as soon as i got the phone out of the box (silly i know) but if i leave the phone alone for 30mins or so it crashes, but if i do anything on the phone within the 30 min time it doesnt crash and will stay active just fine.

Im assuming its a crash as the only way to turn the phone back on is to remove the battery and put it back in and it starts up perfectly and works perfectly until i leave it alone for 30mins or so.

Ive tried uninstalling some apps to rectify the situation, but i think its been doing it since i got the phone, but early on i was blaming it on the battery rather than phone itself as i wasnt used to the reduced battery life compared to my old phone.

I was going to upgrade to 2.3 to see if that solves it but any help would be appreciated incase its a more serious problem


Contact where you bought the phone from or ring lg if you can find the number.

It could be both a software or hardware problem. I guess updating to a newer version of android might fix it if its a software problem, its worth a try.

Good luck mate.


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Well its lasted all last night and all day at work so i guess its fixed, just need to get used to the new firmware.