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Nov 22, 2009
1. I have Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
2. Windows 7
3. 2.0.1 API downloaded
4. Preferences in Eclipse to the SDK file has been set.
5. I can't make an android project/whatever it's called.
There wasn't any Android folder. But I fixed it for now, thanks for the response though.
Do you recommend an tutorials on using eclipse/coding for android?
Thanks, but I noticed something. While I am in the project, on the left side where all the elements are, I don't have ProjectName.Java ?
Any thoughts?
I don't believe you would have, in the Package View the root item should just be PackageName, which refers to a folder in your workspace. With Android, projects don't necessarily have one entry point the way a standard project does through main(). In an Android app, any class that extends Activity can be an entry point into your app, given an appropriate Intent.