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Help needed - Loading new Rom

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mike100, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. mike100

    mike100 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Having successfully rooted the phone, I did the following;
    1. Copy your custom ROM "zip" file to your SD card (Root directory).
    2. Turn off your phone.
    3. Turn on your phone by holding the power button and the volume down button together.
    4. Once you see the white screen, choose "Recovery"
    5. Make a full wipe/format and clear all cache.
    6. Choose "install from sdcard/zip file" and then choose your Custom ROM zip file from your SD card to flash your Custom ROM.
    The following then comes up; Clockworkmod recovery V5.0.2.0
    Finding update package ...
    Opening update package ...
    Installing update ...
    Installation aborted.
    Therefore, I cannot install this new Rom. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong.

  2. FoX777

    FoX777 Well-Known Member

    ... you are trying to install a RUU via recovery.... that's a no go.

    to install the RUU run the exe on the pc, look into it.

    or get a ROM not a RUU and install it as you were before. installing a RUU will remote root, soff etc...
  3. shami7861

    shami7861 Lurker

    Saga ovt ship s-on rl
    htc desire s rumove recovery
  4. DonB

    DonB ♡ Truth, Justice and the American Way !! ♡ ™

    I will move this thread to the All things Rooted Section, TIA

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