Help Help needed!! My HTC desire shuts down whilt using the mobile internet!!!

Good morning to you all. I'm a United kingdom customer I've had the HTC desire handset on a t-mobile contract for just over a year now, i've been using it without any issues for about 10 months, and then about 5 weeks ago, anytime i'm using the mobile internet on the fone, such as facebook, google maps location, youtube, news websites, the fone will just swithc itself off, and it happens all the time, BUT when I use my home wi-fi connection, the fone seems to be fine with no problems, and also if i'm just checking my emails using the mobile internet it seems to be okay. Any suggestions pls?? I'm prepared to try a factroy reset, BUT, i've got a lot of paid for apps, and all my pictures, ect, so i'd like to safe ALL my data, pictures, music, etc. I have an 8gb memory card installed anyway, I just wanna do this the right way please. many thanks


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Hmmm, does the "3G" icon ever show up? I've heard bad things about 3G coverage in the UK (no experience though). This sounds like a problem I would definitely bring into a TMo store.
Also, a factory reset won't hurt any of those things you talk about. It doesn't touch any files on the SDCard, just internal memory. Contacts, paid apps are all backed up through Google. The only major thing you'll lose is settings/scores in apps, and text messages. But, like I said, I'd bring it in for them to look at, there's definitely something wrong that I doubt you can fix on your own.


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get your pictures off the phone, backup the contacts to google (should do this anyway), all paid apps are on the market saved on your google account. (txt messages really important?)

reason i say this is because its likely to be the overheat problem. it needs to be returned via warranty
try wiping the device but if it still happens you need to speak with htc