Root Help needed to install new ROM, my My Touch 4G (MT4G) seems fried


I posted a variation of this in another thread but it seems best having a separate thread:

Is there a link to very clear installation instructions for the virtuous unity ( rom on to the My Touch 4G?

My MT4G seems to be acting crazy and HTC CSR suggested loading a new rom.

T Mobile store guy (a nice guy at that!) could not reboot using a special T Mobile sd card made to reboot this phone, so I must do it myself.

Since the phone is no longer supported by HTC any more it was suggested by the HTC CSR on the phone I find a suitable rom and install it my self.

When I attempt to completely reboot the phone (down volume> press power button> scrool to reboot, hit reboot) stuff happens, all apps still appear, even those I have manually uninstalled.

If I do reboot from inside the phone : Settings: Phone and SD card: Reboot, ... same thing, all apps appear and messages come up that indicate I am best to wipe the phone and start from scratch with a clean and new functioning ROM. I discovered Virtuous Unity ROM in my research.

So a new ROM may in fact be in order. Without pre-installed apps or any apps. I am ready to start afresh.

I am new at this ROM procedure, never before rooted a phone or loaded a new rom onto a phone.

I also need to know how to make my phone (MT4G) ready to be rooted with the

I also have downloaded the following:

CoreDroid_EXT4_Format_utility -DS

A step by step walk through will be greatly appreciated from turning on my MT4G to completion.

Please assume I know nothing.

Am starting with a phone with the following:
Android Version: 2.3.4
HTC Sense 2.1
Software 2.32.532.1

Please let me know as detailed as possible what to do.

I downloaded the virtuous, 450MB, file and the other listed files onto my PC and am awaiting direction.

I have a blank sd card ready to go. A USB cable ready to use.

Am unsure what to do next.

Thanks in advance,


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I could not determine where to place this and hope someone will be kind enough to post a walk-through, step by grueling step.

PS I did post same on HTC MT4G forum and within Android Central forum. Hopefully someone will be able to help.